It’ll Cost At Least $359 To Upgrade Your Xbox Series S/X Hard Drive

It’ll Cost At Least $359 To Upgrade Your Xbox Series S/X Hard Drive
Image: Microsoft

Worried about space in the Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X? Well, from today you can grab an Xbox Series expansion drive — but it’ll cost you almost the full price of the console.

Listings for Xbox Series expansion drives have begun appearing online on Australian retailers this morning. JB Hi-Fi are first cab off the rank, listing the Seagate Xbox Series Expansion 1TB card for a staggering $359:

xbox series expansion
Image: JB Hi-FI

The listing says “Xbox Series X,” but the description specifically notes that the card can be used with the Xbox Series S or X consoles. At $359, it’s almost half the price of the Xbox Series X ($749) and more than half the price of the Xbox Series S ($499) in Australia.

That said, even with download sizes supposedly shrinking a little for some games this gen, I can see plenty of games easily surpassing 100GB and even coming close to 200GB. Some games are already around 200GB on PC thanks to multiple DLC releases. It was eye-opening when games like Halo were hitting 100GB, or when 4K versions of games like Final Fantasy 15 were surpassing 150GB. Given that 4K assets is going to be the default for Xbox Series X (and PS5) owners going forward, and 4K gaming will be more achievable on PC with the next-generation GPUs, 150GB might be the new 100GB.

So next-gen NVMe expansion drives might be a pretty sensible investment this generation. Buy a console one year, get the expansion drive a year later. Or just be ruthless about how many AAA games you play. Either way, expect to see a lot more offerings like this going forward.

There’s no other listings for the Seagate expansion drive in Australia yet, but I’d expect EB Games and others to follow pretty shortly with similar prices. It also raises the question of when Sony will release that list of compatible expansion drives for the PS5, something Mark Cerny said they’d need to do to stop fans from buying off-the-shelf NVMe drives that didn’t have sufficient read/write performance for the PS5’s custom I/O controller. When that info’s available, we’ll let you know.


  • I’ve never needed more than 1TB so I don’t care but hold carp that’s expensive! They cant expect anyone to actually buy that?

  • I like the idea of running larger cheaper SSD drives via the 10Gbit USB links and just moving the installs around when you need too.

    That’s over 1GB a second transfer speed if your SSD can support it, so I think that’s pretty convenient and WAY less cash than the expansion drive.

    • I read the new games wont work over USB, that was my plan too, use my portable SSD from my One S but not for new games apparently.

    • I had the same thought but neither PS5 nor XBox are doing that so I can only assume that there’s a good reason why. I can’t imagine that Microsoft care about soaking the customer on expansion drives and Sony aren’t even selling them so presumably there’s a technical limitation or possibly an IP or piracy issue that encryption won’t fix. If that’s the case I hope they find a way past it.

      • You can use any other drive to store games, just not play next gen games (current/previous gen games can run off any other drive).

        It’s because games will start to require SSD’s to actually run

  • I think I’m going to invest in a USB 3.1 to m.2 enclosure and drop a 4tb drive in when prices get cheaper.

    It won’t work for XSX games, but that’ll leave 1TB for the XSX, and 4TB for all the backwards compatible stuff. That’ll hopefully tide me over enough until when 2TB addon drives arrive or prices drop to something reasonable.

  • That’s not surprising to me really. Out of curiosity what is a sensible product/price to compare it to? A 1tb Samsung T7 is about $320. I’m not sure how the drives speeds compare in those 2 devices though.

        • Well here’s the kicker, Sony’s not going to provide a specific Sony upgrade option.

          Sony will allow you to install any m.2 you want, but it has to adhere to all of Sony’s performance specs to be used with the PS5.

          Those drives don’t currently exist.

          • That’s true… and it’s likely that they are going to be the same ballpark initially. The difference is that you can expect competition eventually to bring those prices down. Microsoft aren’t likely to feel any pressure to do such a thing.

          • @OzMomotaro

            Chances are, MS will let other companies make the expansion cards as well. It sounds like they just made a deal for Seagate exclusivity for a certain time. Rather than proprietary

  • So let me get this right… a Series S costs 500AUD… which will come with a totally inadequate 512GB (likely to be less than 400GB usable) internal drive…. but to expand it with a comparable SSD, you have to pay and additional 350 > meaning its 850AUD. That’s 150AUD for a much more capable Series X. I’m sorry… what now?!?! No wonder they didn’t release the price until after pre-orders went open… very pro-consumer.

      • Well, in real terms, you will have a LOT more than the 850gb or so the Series X will have (most likely closer to 1.3TB usable space) but it is a very good point.

        • I appreciate that you get more storage – but my point was that you can’t upgrade 0.5TB… you only have one choice, and that’s to pay 350AUD… which makes it significantly more than the Series X (which is borderline with its own 1TB drive). For the record, PS5’s 825GB is also laughable, and will likewise be incredibly expensive to upgrade (eg the Samsung new SSD is about the same price point, if not more).

          • Ahh, now I understand.

            Yes, smaller increments would’ve been nice. A 0.5TB for $200 say might’ve been digestible for some people who want a little more, without shelling out the whole amount.

          • Well you do still have the choice of using any other external drive if you want, you’ll just have to use it as a back up for XSX games and juggle them back onto the SSD if you want to play them again.

    • There’s another article on here that said they downloaded every game on game pass and it was 4.5gb for 250 games. I think we might be ok.

      • (Terabytes, not GB, but I assume that’s what you meant.) That doesn’t really indicate much at all, beyond the high number of small indie games on gamepass.

        The problem still remains that the next gen top-tier consoles are only going to be able to have 5-10 of the big AAA 4K games installed at any point in time. That’s going to be a pretty big problem/annoyance for some. Especially if they get digital-only versions of the PS5.

        For someone who hops between games regularly (like me), expansion drives are going to be a necessity. OR – hopefully – the new dashboards will make it easy to transfer game installs between the faster internal drive and external storage. I’d love to pick up that 12TB bad boy from the article you mentioned, if it allows me to quickly shift games from storage to the ‘play next’ queue.

        • I have an original 500 gb one and I can’t have call of duty modern warfare and nba 2k21 on it at the same time.
          I have just been going through my hard drive and FIFA 14 is 17gb and 21 is 90 odd so games will no doubt get bigger as the next gen becomes current gen.

  • Every Gen starts out this way so the hardware can hit a price point. As they scale it becomes cheaper so each model will eventually get bigger internal storage and more competitive expansion storage options. Early adopters always suffer the pain. Comes with the territory.

    As usual, I will wait a while for something compelling like Halo Infinite and then purchase and with 3 months the price will drop or the included hardware will improve significantly.

  • To be fair 1tb pcie4.0 NVME like the Sabrent Rocket are around the $350 mark, but, dropping quickly. This expansion card needs to come down in price and quick. Or at least align with market price

  • As someone else pointed out, store games via USB HDDs or SSDs and transfer them to the main storage when you want to play them. That’s quicker than re-downloading the games.

    Anyone know if you’ll be able to plug and play games currently on HDDs for Xbone, or have to re-download the next gen version?

  • I just ordered one then – a day late but given my launch expectations are a Destiny 2 60fps upgrade, a Marvel Avengers Upgrade, and the viking Assassin’s Creed… and that’s all… (a long wait for the Cyberpunk upgrade), this isn’t a necessity at launch.

    To those suffering sticker shock – that’s SSDs for you. I added one to my Xbox One X a year ago and it halved Destiny 2 load times, but that was pretty pricey too for it’s size.

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