Xbox Series X Reportedly Gets Official US Price, Release Date

Xbox Series X Reportedly Gets Official US Price, Release Date
Image: Microsoft

After an earlier leak seemingly revealed the design and pricing of the Xbox Series S, new information has come to light reportedly revealing the U.S. price and set release date for the Xbox Series X.

According to Windows Central, who cite unconfirmed sources, the Xbox Series X will cost $US499 ($685) and launch on November 10, 2020. As of writing, the source for these claims is unknown so it’s important to take this news with a grain of salt. The Windows Central report claims the console will be available for $US35 ($48) per month via the Xbox All Access financing scheme, with the Xbox Series S costing $US25 ($34) per month.

Should this pricing turn out to be legitimate, this likely means Australians are in for a $699-$749 local price point. While it’s not the $1,000+ mark some feared, it’s still fairly hefty amount for a console currently lacking a stellar launch line-up.

The Xbox Series S is much cheaper though, with a reported $US200 difference between them. At around $450 (should the pricing be officially confirmed), the Xbox Series S would be a much more appealing prospect for those on a budget.

These prices are marginally more expensive than the previous console generation, as should be expected of any new technology. With new ray tracing capabilities, faster loading speeds and crisper graphics, the Xbox Series X and S boast impressive capabilities for next gen games.

Options for financing via Xbox All Access are currently available in Australia for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X via Telstra, and it’s already confirmed similar deals will be offered for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X locally.

As of writing, we have no official confirmation this pricing is legitimate, so stay tuned for more.

UPDATE 4:25 p.m. AEST: When asked for comment on the matter, an Xbox ANZ spokesperson linked Kotaku Australia to the following tweet.


  • I think USD299 for the S will equate to AUD499, as with GST even on today’s exchange rate it bumps just past $450, which I think will push to $499 to take currency fluctuation into account.

  • And USD499 = AUD757 with GST today, and the Aussie dollar is riding high at 73cents.

    I reckon it will be AUD799 here, which is better than $999 but a big chunk of change.

    • It never works out identical to the currency conversion, but I think anywhere in the $699-799 mark is the most likely. Still thinking they might push and go for 699/749 because if the PS5 comes even $50 under, or even, it’s going to be a rough ride for Xbox.

      • I understand that, I hope you are right, but our currency is on a high right now, our dollar was down around 58c in March, and has been under 70c for most of the past year. I will be very surprised if they price it based on over the current rate of 73c. Even if they went with a 65c it would put the price around $850,(58c would put it at $950) I can’t see them risking a $749 price point.
        Hope I’m wrong though!

  • I know it makes sense to do a US dollar to AU conversion here but thats not how it works. Currently the xbox one x is $399US and i got mine a while ago for $499 AU.

    My guess is $650 – $700 AU for the new series X. The exact cost of the one x when it was released.

  • Heh. What this is all telling me is that by the end of the week we’ll probably also have PS5 pricing, and my inbox is going to fill up with advice from all the retailers whose mailing lists I registered with to express interest in preordering.

  • This ‘leak’ may be engineered by MS, getting frustrated at not being able to set the Xbox pricing in response to the PlayStation pricing.

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