You All Need To Pet The Dog In Hades More

You All Need To Pet The Dog In Hades More

You would think a big, fluffy dog in a video game would receive tons of pets from everyone. But apparently, this isn’t the case as only 12% of Hades players have pet Cerberus 10 times or more according to data from Steam.

This fact comes from the Can You Pet The Dog Twitter account.

Ten times might seem like a lot of pets… to a monster! (Which Cerberus isn’t. He’s a good boy. Boys?) But on average when I pet a cat or dog I’m petting them at least 20 times if you count each pat and stroke as a single pet.

In fact, I know I’ve pet Cerberus way more than ten times. Let me check real quick… Oh, wait! I don’t have the achievement either. Maybe I’m just as bad as all the other dog-hating monsters who are apparently playing Hades?!

Well, I can fix this. We can all fix this. Please, this weekend, pet Cerberus in Hades. Please. He needs love and attention. This year sucks and he’s stuck in the Underworld. So please #PetCerberus

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