You Can Travel To Japan Soon, Maybe, Kind Of, Fingers Crossed

You Can Travel To Japan Soon, Maybe, Kind Of, Fingers Crossed
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Good news folks, Japan is about to open its borders to Australians! Well, kind of. Mostly. It’s complicated.

The Nikkei Asian Review has reported that Japan is considering gradually lifting their current overseas travel alerts for some countries.

As it stands now, 159 countries are considered “level 3” by the Japanese government. Level 3 sounds nice, but it is the diplomatic equivalent of “Ew, David”. Their travel advice warnings on infectious disease go to four, which they currently aren’t applying to any country.

While the very infected USA, India and Brazil are most definitely going to stay at level 3 “recommendation to defer all travel”, Japan is considering putting some countries down to level 2. Level 2 is merely “recommendation to consider whether or not to travel”.

To qualify for that level, there has to be a relatively low infection rate proportionate to the population. Given those stipulations, the lucky countries are likely to include Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Brunei and Belgium.

That doesn’t mean it’ll be a free for all to travel. That’s only the advisory for Japanese citizens to travel, and they’re still being discouraged from going on holidays willy nilly. On return (and presumably visitors coming into the country) travellers will have to quarantine for two weeks there.

From October 1, Japan is opening itself up to travellers who plan to stay (and have permission to) for more than three months.

Of course, there are still a few more hurdles to jump over. The Australian Government has still banned citizens from leaving the country except on compassionate grounds, there are no flights, and Japan seems pretty far outside the 5km radius Melbournians are stuck in.

But this is a sign that things are starting to get back to normal, and soon we can start planning that trip to Japan we’ve always dreamed of.

Where do you want to travel first when the borders open?


  • A year ago we booked a trip to Japan to see family, was to be the first trip overseas for the fam, then the plague hit, and STA went bust, and we lost the nearly ten grand.

    Was so looking forward to the Ghibli museum 🙁

    • OUCH! I lost a fair chunk on a USA/Canada trip, but i was at least given 1 year credit on some and 2 year credit on others from the airlines themselves. To lose it all is rough.

  • as someone who travels 4 to 6 times a year, it would be nice to come back to AU to see family during Christmas but I’m not getting my hopes up

  • I usually travel when Magical Mirai is on as a holiday off work.

    Was reaaally looking forward to this year since the Tokyo one was in December and was looking forward to going to Japan in Winter for the first time… was planning to go up north to Hokkaido/Hakodate =(

  • I don’t want Australia to open its borders up to any countries except maybe NZ as long as they have extremely low cases. Other countries should do the same. Don’t go through all this hard work just to rub it out with 1 idiot coming back from holidays

    • Well thats kind of the point of the 2 week quarantine isnt it?

      Catch them at the door and make sure they and the potential other cases are looked after.

  • I was booked on the inaugural flight to Tokyo on Virgin Australia. I had two other trips scheduled for this year. I’m getting a Xbox Series X and LG CX55 this year now.

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