A Lot of Work Went Into Making Dinos Fight In Primal Rage

A Lot of Work Went Into Making Dinos Fight In Primal Rage

Primal Rage was a strange, but cool looking arcade from the 90s that used stop-motion animation to create its dino fighters. And this short behind the scenes video produced by Time Warner back in the day shows how much work went into making Primal Rage.

There are some silly 90s bits to this video, like that opening and some of the “Acting” that happens, but ignoring that, this is a great little look at how much effort and time went into making silly dinosaurs fight.

I also appreciate the moment where they discovered that making a game about upright dinos fighting would mean all the fighters would look alike and so they were like, eh… let’s get wild with these creatures instead. That was the right call!


  • I produced the PC version of this and (modestly) rate it as a very good conversion.
    I’m pretty sure there were three versions depending on the PC spec and the top version included most of the arcade machine’s ridiculous number of animations.
    I still have the awful cd of music but I gave the giant dinosaur mug away just last week.

    • Nice one. Never played it but remember being struck by the unique look of this game in the arcades. ’94, one year after the digital dinos of Jurassic Park. I guess stop motion was still competitive on price.

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