Achievement Hunter Returns With Official Statement Following Ryan Haywood Exit

Achievement Hunter Returns With Official Statement Following Ryan Haywood Exit
Image: Achievement Hunter

The Achievement Hunter team has returned to streaming in the wake of the explicit photo scandal and subsequent fan grooming allegations that forced Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic to leave the show. After a brief interlude, Achievement Hunter returned to streaming with hosts Jack Pattillo and Michael Jones going live to provide an official statement about how the show will move forward.

The stream tackled the issues facing Achievement Hunter head on, with Pattillo explaining the emotions going on behind the scenes:

“Everything that happened this week has been crushing, it has been overwhelming and watching something we’ve build up be hit so hard, having no idea it was happening, being completely blindsided by it and just going through the amount of emotions just of anger, sadness, rage and guilt and everything.

I have to apologise to the community. I’m sorry we’ve let you down. I’m sorry this happened. Please understand how crushed we are too. Every single story, everything I’ve read, every report that’s come out, it’s a punch to the gut.”

Pattillo and Jones were emphatic about their disappointed in Haywood. “It’s just heartbreaking, seeing the amount of pain he’s caused and I’m so sorry,” Pattillo said on the stream. He later directed fans with any information to, the best point of contact to report staff-related issues.

Jones told the chat the team had undergone counselling and several discussions about the show’s path forward. He also explained their denouncement of Haywood should be taken as an official statement from Achievement Hunter as a whole:

“The reason Jack and I are here today is, this won’t be a conversation on Off Topic, this won’t be ‘let’s discuss it.’ We’re not here to discuss it. This is a statement, and you can take this as the collective from all of us from Achievement Hunter. This is the statement. These are the facts.

If you haven’t come to terms with that, I understand. I see people in the audience that can’t — I know a lot of people, for years, a lot of people since they were teenagers looked up to him, looked up to us, and they just refuse to believe it. You need to accept it … He is not coming back. He’s gone. I hope he doesn’t come back in any fashion, and we’re never going to talk about him again.”

Pattillo added Haywood would be removed from the Rooster Teeth website “as much as possible.” Videos containing Haywood will be taken down, with Pattillo stating the site would be ‘wiped clean’ in order to rebuild it.

You can view the entire stream clip below, courtesy of YouTube user Inept Robot:


  • As someone who used to be a BIG rooster teeth fan, they have been circling the drain for a while now, when the fired Joel & Burnie left (who did some dodgy shit) the last care i had for em are gone.

      • Sorry, i didnt mean he left because of dodgy shit, more that the way hes handled some events and RT properties that made me no longer care for the product.

        • I’ve worked with senior management for several years now doing organization strategy and stuff…

          I can understand some of the decisions he’s made. I don’t agree with a lot of how things went, but I can understand it. I’ll just chalk it down to me growing out of the RT phase and move on really…

      • Watching Joel on twitter was one of those moments I really hoped someone near him pulled him aside and had a “RUOK” talk….It felt like he was spiralling mentally

        • Who would have thought that speaking out against wanton destruction and supporting innocent people protecting their livelihoods was so controversial lol

      • Yep. But considering some of the opinions with others in the company, It was only a matter of time.
        They also havent cared about their content in A LONG time and only care about $$$ which has been the case since they were bought by fullscreen.

      • “Reasons” like not showing up for work? “Reasons” like encouraging people to break into a co-workers house to teach them a lesson about gun control? Those “Reasons”?

        Even if literally none of the other stuff he did happened, even if you think that stuff was all fine, either of those two reasons are more than enough to fire someone. Politically we obviously don’t see eye to eye, but even if politics did play a part in his being fired, he should have been for entirely non-political reasons.

        • He stopped showing up to work because he wasnt getting paid for his work behind the scenes, something hes been vocal about the last 3 years and his disagreements with the political “reasons” with the SJW section of roosterteeth, something thats very clear he is not a part of.
          So really it comes down to you think he should have been fired for a tweet he made. Which is rather amusing when you think about it.

          • There were a lot of implications that he was difficult to work with for a long time even before his (multiple) dumb tweets, but leaving all that aside making an implicit threat of violence towards a co-worker is not OK in any context or for any reason – how can you try to defend this or imply he was unfairly let go?

            If it were done in private that’s more than enough cause to fire someone, but if done on a public platform that’s obviously much worse. Yeah, I am saying he should be fired for that tweet because of course he should. He made an implicit threat towards a fellow employee. Are you so blinded by a burning need for everything to be about politics that you can’t see that threatening the safety of a colleague in public is indefensible?

          • @CAD
            Everything ive read is that he became hard to work with was after he blew the whistle on his treatment within the company in 2016.
            Still havent seen the actual tweet where he made the implicit threat of violence, and believe me i looked, only ever seen people say its the worse thing and he should have been fired for it and call him a piece of shit on reddit by also claming all the stuff he has said about BLM is racist, when they also said people should burn jacks home to the ground when the tweet didnt say that at all, so grain of salt, also seen people say he should have been fired because of his McCain tweets which ive seen people say ALOT WORSE about trump and get applauded, even when you can see in the screenshots hes making jokes which is removed from context with the people on reddit, also seen people say the gav incident it was a statement of he will change his mind once X happens, which i guess he was wrong because X happened and he didnt change his mind, OR DID HE. DUN DUN DUN (for the record, Joel was wrong about the gun control argument) or that it was a joke because shock horror, Joel is AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN a spicy boi and makes some really dark jokes.
            So until i see the tweet myself, dont really know and im not going off the word of the “joel is the worst” on reddit and considering the rest of your statement, you are taking the word of “joel is the worst” on reddit because it fits your viewpoint.

            I didnt even make the statement OR IMPLY that he was unjustly fired, i just stated it was the final straw for me as the quality of RVB & RWBY has gotten so bad, that once he was fired and burnie retired, i stopped caring about roosterteeth, as ive never enjoyed the letsplay side of roosterteeth. The only thing i implied was that he was not in with the SJW side of Rooster teeth and it caused problems, which it 100% did.
            Considering he also said he would rather die than work for RT again despite loving some people in that place, i think its safe to say they are both happy hes not there anymore.

  • There has to be some irony to Jack calling out Ryan for something he did too, granted for jack he wasnt married and he is still with the lady but still lol
    imo they seem way to over the top about this entire thing to the point I almost feel like the response is disingenuous.
    we get it the dude did some questionable things with some fans, but it aint like those fans werent willing to do the deed with the man. I dont think he forced any of it, he just got caught up in the requests that im sure they all get from fans and acted in the wrong way.
    if he had actually raped fans or abused them id totally understand this level of response but they act as if the fans werent involved in it when they were all absolutely willing parties to what took place.
    maybe i miss the point but i just dont understand the outrage, its as if people dont think music artist or any famous people do the same shit, like hello this type of stuff is going on with all levels of famous people, the overreaction here is laughable.

    • For what it’s worth, I agree that if the people in question weren’t underage (and weren’t lying about not being underage in at least one situation) and were well aware of what was going on that they too hold at least some responsibility.

      Though when I said that in the other article and commented about these fans and their Youtube ‘tell-all’ videos coming off questionable and as always pulling the victim card, a particularly special idiot pretty much accused me of saying victims of sex trafficking were to blame for their situations. So I probably wouldn’t expect a much better response to your post.

      That said, I think the big issue here is that it very much seems to be that Haywood was abusing his position of power/authority, so to speak, in this case… And just because it happens elsewhere doesn’t mean it should, nor that it just shouldn’t be a big deal when people find out about it.

      • ” he literally choked one ”

        You were there? Jesus lol. I guess if that’s what gets you going all the more power to you.

        • Lol. He sent messages talking about it. Chat logs are all over the roosterteeth subreddit.

          So are dms from his Twitter account. Emails. Photos of him with the victims.

          Guy targeted under-age girls and physically abused them and then dm’d them to blame them for his violence.

          Read his own words on twitter.

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