Adam Kovic, Ryan Haywood Leave Rooster Teeth Amid Allegations Of Grooming Fans

Adam Kovic, Ryan Haywood Leave Rooster Teeth Amid Allegations Of Grooming Fans
Image: Funhaus/Rooster Teeth

Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood have exited Funhaus and Rooster Teeth after explicit photos were leaked online alongside allegations the pair were soliciting underage fans.

Explicit photos of Haywood were allegedly sent to Tessa Graves, a young fan who states she was 17 years old when she received the photos in 2017. In a video posted to YouTube, Graves explained her side of the story, claiming Haywood believed she was 18 when he sent her the photos and didn’t know her real age.

At the time, Waywood would have been 36.

In the video, Graves recounted her experiences, detailing a photograph she accidentally sent to Haywood which kicked off sexual communication with the former host. Graves alleges herself and Haywood made plans to have sex and exchanged nudes during this time.

Photographs of both Haywood and former host Adam Kovic were later leaked to 4chan, although the source of the leaks is currently unclear.

According to reports, Kovic’s photographs were obtained via a catfishing scam but this has yet to be confirmed. In a (now locked) Twitter post Kovic stated he’d been the victim of “an unbelievable breach of privacy.” He also apologised for his behaviour and to his wife.

In the wake of these leaks, both hosts have been asked to leave Rooster Teeth. They will no longer have anything to do with Achievement Hunter or Funhaus. In a Twitter statement, the company announced they had parted ways with Haywood and Kovic in an effort to uphold their company values, with Rooster Teeth programming set to continue without the pair.

rooster teeth allegations

The news took the rest of the Rooster Teeth team by shock, with many voicing their surprise, disappointment and disgust.

rooster teeth allegationsrooster teeth allegationsrooster teeth allegationsrooster teeth allegations

Both Achievement Hunter and Funhaus have temporarily postponed future streaming plans. When the shows return, they’re set to look very different.


  • This is false. Adam Kovic thing had nothing to do with a fan or underage person. Fix the post. That is a huge accusation to state in a news article. Kotaku “journalists”…

    • Don’t know which article you were reading but this article actually did a pretty good job at just stating facts as we know them and not accusing anyone. It even mentions the possible explanation offered on Kovics part of a catfishing scam….

          • ^^This. Also the article is not accusing him. The article is basically saying “These allegations exist” which they do….

          • Adam Kovic is NOT alleged to have anything to do with an underage fan – the article title is conflating two separate issues that are happening at the same time. It’s poor writing.

          • He was originally. Before more info came out

            Hence the use of the word ” allegation ”

            Do try to keep up.

          • Allege literally means to accuse someone of something without evidence. Which is literally what happened with kovic

            Some retards in /pol/ added the pedo accusation when the googledrive initially leaked. It was then debunked pretty fast in the kiwifarms thread on the leaks.

            Better luck playing next time.

          • 4chan making allegations? So if I say that Adam Kovic also killed someone, she would change her article to “Allegations Adam Kovic killed someone”? Use your brains.

          • Yes,

            That’s literally what allegation means. To accuse without evidence.

            Open up a dictionary before you look more stupid.

      • The issue I think he has is with the headline itself, which indicates that BOTH were doing under age shit. I think a better headline could have been

        “Roaster Teeth Forced To Fire Staff Over Acusations Of Scams And Grooming”

        This dose 3 things.

        1. It does not name anyone, thus you need to read the artical to find out who.

        2. The miss-spelling of Rooster Teath will bring in the spelling and grammer police, who will then read the artical and comb over it to see if there are more.

        3. It dose not acuse anyone of anything in the headline that could lead to KoTaKu getting sued.

        • I know you’re joking, but in all seriousness that would actually be a little bit worse legally: it’s saying that Rooster Teeth would have fired staff directly because of the allegations, which adds an implication that could be arguably much stronger than what we’ve used.

  • “alongside allegations the pair were soliciting underage fans.” Not true. Unless your source is 4chan.

  • So.. I watched the video (which for some reason isn’t linked in this article:

    I have issue with three things here.. One of which was brought forward in this article, and two which are suspiciously absent from this article, but definitely contextualises the situation, at least with Haywood.

    1) “Graves explained her side of the story, claiming Haywood believed she was 18 when he sent her the photos and didn’t know her real age.”

    Why did Graves (purposefully) lie about this? (Yes, lying by omission is still lying, and is still bad)

    2) Graves admits she was part of a “fandom” that was built around the whole concept “trying to get attention from these ‘celebrities'” in the hopes of sleeping with them, basically for clout within said “fandom”

    And now she is crying foul. I’m not so sure… and this leads to my last issue

    3) Direct quote here: “I went into this relationship fully knowing I was lying to him and that he had a wife and children” then she goes on about hating herself for doing that, etc.

    How can someone freely admit to that, yet refuse to take responsibility for their part in it and place sole blame on the other person? This right here is someone wanting others to absolve her of her own bad decisions, so that she can feel better.

    Now sure, from other things I have quickly read over (her twitter account has more things, such as snapchat exchanges, and by gosh).. he is most definitely what would constitute a “shit bloke”, if for no other reason than HE HAS A FAMILY.

    She sounds like one of those high-school girls that gets a fake ID, goes to a night club all dolled up, starts hooking up with a random guy, takes one for the team, then when they get found out by their parents, points the finger a the random dude who was unlucky enough to not get their life story first and say “it was all his fault”. Yeah, you hear a lot of weird crap and report a lot of stuff to authorities working in a Melbourne western suburbs high-school for a decade.

    Long story short, this article is purposefully painting an incomplete picture of a scenario between two people (Graves and Haywood).

    • I would say the article paints the same picture as you are, just without some additional shading.

      Graves is clearly responsible for her part in the whole mess but it doesn’t change Haywoods part either way.

        • Thanks mate.

          Ryan’s situation seems much worse than Adams.

          As much as I have been a. Fan of Funhaus since the beginning (I’ve dropped off a bit recently since Lawrence and Bruce left) I always thought Adam gave off a bit of a creepy vibe.

          The Ryan thing completely blindsided me though.

          • I personally don’t have too much stock in Funhaus (or RT tbh), not my taste, but I have mates that enjoy their content and they said the same thing.

          • Same here, I was a fan of Funahus since the beginning. I fell off AH and into Funhaus because their comedic style was really good. Once bruce left I fell off.

  • As someone who has watched Achievement Hunter content on and off basically since they were created, little bit of a gut punch personally here.

    No sympathy for Haywood though, only for the people left in the fucking aftermath of his actions.

    However, as nuffman mentions… The girl in question in Haywood’s case seriously needs to be held accountable for her actions also. I’m beyond over this trend of people knowingly and intentionally doing fucked up things then playing the victim card in a fucking Youtube video later.

    They’re all the same… Going on to tell their side of the story ‘just to clear things up’ or because they ‘felt they had to do the right thing’ or whatever other bullshit spin they put on it.

    • yes the year makes the difference in the severity of the thing, in theory, but even if she was 18 the action was still highly questionable . At that age and as someone with a following the idiot should have had more sense. It doesnt take much perception to understand that the girl could have been lying about her age. And given she was underage at the time means, in theory, her actions were somewhat understandable. When girls did the same with Jeffery Epstein, were they playing the victim as well?

      As for coming forward now, its not about playing the victim but about being an adult and understanding the mistakes she made, as well as his.

      Wait so you think think all victims of grooming and harassment like this are all the same? wow I have read some rubbish here, but that is next level male ridiculousness. Have you ever stopped to consider why there is often many similarities to these type of stories, ever done any reading, hell even watched a doco or two on the USA gym team or Epstein? That ‘bullshit’ not spin, or whatever flawed label you put on it, it is often a complex web of interlocking reasoning, some sound, some highly emotive. These woman rarely get anything from their speaking out. Indeed by speaking out their open their character to another level on assault. Which this comment highlights.

      • Who are you replying to?

        The first half of your comment is level headed but then you flip the fuck out at your own comment in the second half.

        • Best thing to do in these situations is to let his meltdown play out. He’ll calm down once the medication kicks in again.

      • I was talking about the cookie cutter Youtube ‘tell-alls’ that all follow the same victim card pulling pattern, you utter fool.

    • It makes more sense for them to write their own and have it go through their internal legal process (since media law is very different in the US to Australia). Media law is a minefield.

      • Makes sense. I just found it puzzling they haven’t reported on it yet given it’s something that occured in their own backyard.

        Kotaku Aus has largely been the only mainstream gaming site that has reported on it.

  • Rest in peace Funhaus. Bruce and Lawrence left and now Adam’s gone.
    Doesn’t seem like he really did much, pretty unlucky and kinda bullshit since all of this stuff is allegations

  • Im so confused. Everything like this is just so messy to read in this industry. I just don’t trust this info anymore. I believe the accusers, but then it gets reported on in ways that are wilfully vague or muck rake-y.

    It’s just shit it happens in the first place.

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