The Best Board Game Deals For Amazon Prime Day 2020

The Best Board Game Deals For Amazon Prime Day 2020
Betrayal at House on the Hill (Image: Wizards of the Coast)
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Board games are the perfect afternoon entertainment, particularly in the coronavirus era. Whether you’re playing solo or with a few socially-distanced mates, board games are just solid, good fun. If you’re looking to get stuck into some new tabletop adventures in ‘these strange times’, you’re in luck this Amazon Prime Day. There’s a bunch of fantastic and award-winning board games on sale right now and some pretty decent bargains to be had, too.

Here’s every board game Kotaku Australia recommends picking up in the latest Prime Day sale.

Pandemic – $44.95

Image: Z-Man Games

If you didn’t know, we’re currently living through a global pandemic. That being the case, you may not want to play a board game about trying to survive a fictional one — but it really is a great board game. Pandemic is set in a world where a deadly virus has begun to take over humanity.

As the deadly diseases spread across the globe, it’ll be your job to find each cure and save humanity before time runs out. Sure, there’s some wild parallels with real life here but it’s a fantastic and very fun game for two to three of your closest mates. The future is in your hands.

Codenames – $15.75

Image: Czech Games

Codenames is a simple board game with a really cool quirk. You and a mate play as spies trying to determine the identities of other spies in your field. Through one-word clues, you’ll have to figure out every unique spy codename and guess its word association. It’s fun, short and great for parties. You can also expand gameplay for eight players or more, making it the perfect game for a friendly get together.

If the basic version of Codenames doesn’t appeal, you can also grab Marvel Codenames or Codenames Pictures for relatively cheap this Amazon Prime Day.

Dark Souls: The Board Game – $99.19

Image: Steamforged Games

This really is the Dark Souls of board games. In this adaptation of the popular (and very difficult) board game, you’ll uncover new dungeons, face down huge and terrifying bosses and (probably) die a lot. The good news about the Dark Souls board game is you can play solo or with mates, making it a great experience for everyone.

The unique lore of the Dark Souls world is on full show in this board game and while it’s still a little bit pricey, the scale and detail here is very impressive. For anyone who loves adventure board games, this deal is an epic pick.

Dominion – $51.57

Dominion: 2009 Spiel des Jahres promo card (Photo: Haoran Un)

Dominion is another fantastic tabletop adventure you should definitely play. It kicked off the deck builder genre and revolutionised what a ‘board game’ could be. Dominion is an absolute classic and this updated edition includes everything you need to get started in this Kingdom-based drama.

Card games and board games often go hand-in-hand, but Dominion takes this to the next level with a robust tabletop card game filled with treasures to collect and dominions to dominate. You can play it in a pair or in a group of friends, either mode is just as fun.

Betrayal at House on the Hill – $41.96

Image: Wizards of the Coast

Betrayal at House on the Hill is one of the best classic board games around. In it, you’ll play as an intrepid soul lost in a haunted mansion. As you reveal haunted mansion tiles, you’ll uncover mysterious objects, a deep conspiracy and could even turn on your friends. It’s great fun for a group of two to five people and is a must-play for board game enthusiasts.

You can also pick up the Widow’s Walk expansion (which adds in 50 new and terrifying scenarios) for $34.45. If you’re bored with the main game or you’re just looking to spice up your adventures, it’s a great new addition and well worth the price of entry.

Twilight Imperium – $140.04

Image: BoardGameGeek

There’s board games, and then there’s Twilight Imperium. This epic spacefaring adventure comes from Fantasy Flight Games, one of the absolute best board game creators of the modern era. There’s over 1,000 components to this bad boy and each will help you map out your long journey amongst the stars.

Basically, it’s Star Wars in a board game. It’s a massive time commitment and will take you absolutely ages to plow through but it’s an incredible board game and one certainly worth investing in. Amazon Prime members will get the $140.04 price at checkout, for a total saving of about $110. It’s an excellent deal and well worth a shout.

Melbourne Monopoly & More – $30.12

Image: Hasbro

Monopoly is a well-known classic for a reason. With easy adventure-based gameplay and a variety of themed options to choose from, Monopoly is a sure-fire hit with family or friends of all ages. Most people know the rules whether they’ve learned them before or not and it’s very easy to get started. As a party game, it’s great to tune in and switch off your brain for a bit.

If Melbourne Monopoly doesn’t appeal, there’s plenty of other options this Amazon Prime Day including:

There’s plenty of other fantastic board games on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2020. You can head over to the Amazon Prime Day hub here to check out all the other bargains.

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