Animal Crossing: How To Get Cherry Blossom Recipes In The Southern Hemisphere

Animal Crossing: How To Get Cherry Blossom Recipes In The Southern Hemisphere
Cherry blossoms light up Animal Crossing in October.

Cherry-blossom petals fall in the first 10 days of October if you’re playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the Southern Hemisphere. (They fall from April 1-10 in the Northern Hemisphere.) During these 10 days, you’ll be able to find and catch cherry-blossom petals floating in your town. While they do look very pretty, they also serve a greater purpose: you can use these petals to craft new and unique recipes.

While towns in the Northern Hemisphere get a good run for cherry-blossom recipes, the Southern Hemisphere isn’t so lucky. You can only nab cherry-blossom recipes by shooting down passing balloons at the start of October. (Isabelle is also supposed to give you the ‘outdoor picnic set’ recipe to kick off the season, but it appears this event is overridden by Halloween in the Southern Hemisphere.)

Because October is also Halloween season for Southern Hemisphere Animal Crossing players, cherry-blossom recipes fight for dominance with the spooky furniture set. Even if you shoot down a passing balloon, it’s more likely to contain a spooky recipe than it is a cherry-blossom one. They’re unfortunately very hard to come by. You may even end up with zero cherry-blossom recipes at the end of the season, simply because the game preferences spooky recipes over cherry-blossom recipes in October.

If you do manage to nab a recipe, you’ll be able to craft the following items:

  • Outdoor picnic set (10 cherry-blossom petals)
  • Cherry-blossom wand (3 cherry-blossom petals, 3 star fragments)
  • Cherry-blossom pochette (6 cherry-blossom petals)
  • Cherry-blossom pond stone (4 cherry-blossom petals, 10 stone)
  • Cherry-blossom-petal pile (5 cherry-blossom petals)
  • Cherry-blossom bonsai (6 cherry-blossom petals, 2 hardwood, 3 clump of weeds, 3 clay)
  • Cherry-blossom branches (8 cherry-blossom petals, 4 tree branch, 5 clay)
  • Blossom-viewing lantern (6 cherry-blossom petals, 4 hardwood)
  • Cherry-blossom clock (5 cherry-blossom petals, 1 iron nugget)
  • Cherry-blossom umbrella (7 cherry-blossom petals)
  • Cherry-blossom trees wall (10 cherry-blossom petals, 5 hardwood)
  • Sakura-wood wall (5 cherry-blossom petals, 10 hardwood)
  • Cherry-blossom flooring (10 cherry-blossom petals, 20 clump of weeds)
  • Sakura-wood flooring (5 cherry-blossom petals, 10 wood)

To craft every item on offer, you’ll need to catch at least 87 cherry-blossom petals with your net. They don’t appear very frequently, so you’ll want to get a move-on if you haven’t started collecting.

Even if you don’t find recipes this season, you do have options: you can head to Animal Crossing marketplaces to search for spare recipes on sale or visit your pals in the Northern Hemisphere later in April to grab some. Hopefully, Southern Hemisphere players get a better workaround soon but for now it looks like the cherry-blossom recipes will be a little bit harder to find down under.

Luckily, there are other new recipes to collect this month as well cherry-blossom and spooky furniture sets.

Animal Crossing: How to collect every young spring bamboo recipe

animal crossing young spring bamboo recipe
Image: Nintendo/Jay Castello

Young spring bamboo only pops up in Animal Crossing: New Horizons from September to November in the Southern Hemisphere. This new type of bamboo can be harvested like any other wood: by hitting bamboo trees with a wooden or stone axe. Half the bamboo that falls down will be traditional bamboo, while the rest will be ‘young spring bamboo’, a new recipe ingredient.

Like the cherry-blossom recipe set, you can find the young spring bamboo recipe cards by shooting balloons down from the sky or searching your local beach. You can also visit local islands to harvest their bamboo.

Finding these recipe cards will be difficult because of the aforementioned spooky furniture recipes (but once October is over you may have more luck). Here’s what you can craft with this recipe set:

  • Bamboo-grove wall (7 young spring bamboo, 3 bamboo shoot)
  • Light bamboo rug (6 young spring bamboo)
  • Bamboo wand (6 young spring bamboo, 3 star fragment)
  • Basket pack (6 young spring bamboo)
  • Green-leaf pile (1 young spring bamboo, 10 clump of weeds)
  • Steamer-basket set (6 young spring bamboo)
  • Bamboo-shoot lamp (4 young spring bamboo, 5 bamboo shoot, 4 clay)
  • Bamboo noodle slide (7 young spring bamboo, 3 wood)
  • Pan flute (7 young spring bamboo)
  • Bamboo doll (6 young spring bamboo)

There’s plenty to see and do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons this October. Time to dive back in!

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