Apex Legends Is Getting Cross-Play On October 6

Apex Legends Is Getting Cross-Play On October 6

PS4, Xbox One and PC players of Apex Legends will soon be able to shoot and ping together, development studio Respawn Entertainment and publisher EA announced today.

Cross-play will be offered starting October 6 and will be enabled by default on all platforms. Players will be able to opt-out of cross-play if they wish. Respawn and EA also clarified that Cross-progression is not part of this new update.

When Apex Legends releases on Steam later this year, it will also support cross-play with Origin and console users. And EA says they will have more to say about cross-progression at that time, too.

Cross-play matchmaking will keep console and PC players separate unless a PC and console player party up and matchmake together. In that case, the console player or players will follow the PC player into a match filled with other PC players and possibly other console players who partied up with PC folks. You can read about all the details in this blog post EA posted about the new update.

Cross-play is part of Aftermarket, a large update launching on October 6 that also includes free rewards, new cosmetic items, and a new limited-time mode called Flashpoint.

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