Australia’s Getting More Sick TMNT, Pac-Man, Marvel Arcade1Up Cabinets

Australia’s Getting More Sick TMNT, Pac-Man, Marvel Arcade1Up Cabinets
Image: Arcade1Up

An arcade cabinet is one hell of a centrepiece for any gamer’s house, whether it’s an official cabinet or one you make yourself. For those who don’t want to go down the DIY route, however, Australia’s about to get a lot more options with Arcade1Up launching some of their retro cabinets and offerings in Australia.

The cabinets include adjustable Pac-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed stools. Here’s all the models that are launching in Australia first:

Image: Supplied
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4’ Arcade Machine ($999)
  • Black Series Head to Head Pac-Man Gaming Table ($1,199)
  • 8-in-1 NAMCO Pac-man Party-Cade ($499)
  • 4’ Marvel Super Heroes Home Arcade Game ($999)
  • Pac-Man 40th Edition 7-in-1 4’ Arcade Machine ($999)
  • 4-in-1 Pac-man 40th Anniversary Counter-Cade ($299)
  • Frogger Counter-Cade ($299)

The stools are also retailing for $119 each. All the items will be available through Arcadegamer, Costco (in-store and through their website), Openshop, TVSN, Harvey Norman, Catch, The Gamesmen and Kogan.

Here’s some higher-res shots of each of the individual cabinets and accessories:

Image: Supplied
All Images: Suprised

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The Arcade1Up machines are available in Party-Cade, Counter-Cade and 4ft (1.2m) sizes, depending on what you’re looking for. If you don’t have a lot of space, the Counter-Cade cabinets are designed to be small enough that you can put on top of a table.

The Party-Cade sizes, as you’d expect, are for those who want a full cabinet. The Marvel Arcade Cabinet ships with Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men Children of the Atom, Punisher, while the Pac-Man 40th anniversary cabinet has Pac-Man Plus, Pac-Man, Pac & Pal, Pac-Mania, Super Pac-Man, Pac-Land, and Galaga. (Both come with a 17-inch LCD screen.)

The TMNT cabinet has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Turtles In Time, and support for four players, which is the key. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some retro gamers clever enough to find ways to add other games to the hardware as well to fully take advantage of the four-player setup.

Arcade Gamer and The Gamesmen have the cabinets and stools up for preorder already, so you can check out the prices and offerings there. The Gamesmen are saying the cabinets will arrive later this month, which should be plenty of time to get it up and running before Christmas.



  • More interested in their Infinity Table kickstarter they just announced which is a massive electronic board game table/tablet… but its North American only 🙁

  • Not trying to come across too negative, but while they all look great in theory, I actually got an arcade cabinet (it’s MAME but with a frontloader so for most games you get the same feeling) with literally hundreds of arcade games on it. While it was amazing to play them all for a little while, it now stands taking up a lot of room in a corner in my study and hasn’t been turned on in probably 6-12 months.

    And that’s with something that has a lot more than the 5-10 games these things would have. Unfortunately the allure of a cabinet is better than the actual practice I’ve found, even when a friend of mine who had one tried to warn me that I would tire of it after a while. Some people may be different, but we both found that arcade games really are more fun in short controlled bursts and having unlimited access to them burns you out quick.

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