The Super Underrated Astral Chain Is Going For A Song

The Super Underrated Astral Chain Is Going For A Song
Image: Astral Chain
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Astral Chain was one of the best games of 2019 — but also one of the most criminally underrated. Fortunately, you can help correct that error today.

The Switch action-adventure from PlatinumGames, creators of Bayonetta and the outstanding Nier: Automata, was one of last year’s nicest surprises. As you’d expect from a PlatinumGames title, the action was swift and stylish, featuring the twin police orphans who protect Ark, humanity’s megacity and the last line of defence.

It is, in short, an anime-ass game with all the bits and bobs you’d expect from an anime. Astral Chain absolutely knows what it is and has no trouble doubling down, as can be seen from a shot of the game’s menu:


Or a shot of the city itself:


Or the demon police’s weird-ass dog mascot, which you can dress up as.


Astral Chain is going for $54 today as part of the Amazon Prime Day deals, although you’ll need to be a Prime member to take advantage. If you’re not a Prime member the game’s $68, which is still better than the $79.95 you’d pay on the eShop.

To grab Astral Chain, head here or click the preview button in the box above. There’s also a ton of deals on Nintendo first-party games and accessories — now’s a great time to grab another Switch Pro Controller — as well as bargains on Switch games generally. We’ve got a short list via the link below too to make your life easy.


  • I’ve seen the phrase ‘going for a song’ used many times on Kotaku. It means something being sold very cheaply, for much less than it is worth, it comes from the few pennies that buskers would receive while performing a song. So when I see that expression, I click on the article expecting a discount in the range of 80-90% off. This deal on Astral chain is around 32% off which is fine, but certainly doesn’t fit the definition of ‘going for a song’.

  • Bugger, hoped it was on digital sale.

    Back to waiting (although the ninty 2 for 1 deal makes it a more palatable $67.50)

  • And bought! I had been looking at it over the last week as I finally got around to playing and finishing Bayonetta 2. Ta!

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