Control Ultimate Edition Doesn’t Quite Fit On Its Xbox One Disc

Control Ultimate Edition Doesn’t Quite Fit On Its Xbox One Disc
Screenshot: Remedy Entertainment / 505 Games

505 Games has clarified that the physical version of Control Ultimate Edition, released today, has a one-time internet connection requirement on Xbox One to download everything in the expanded package.

Control Ultimate Edition, including all the latest expansions, is over 50 GB, so we’re unable to fit everything on the Xbox disc,” 505 Games wrote. “We have used Xbox intelligent delivery to provide some content on the disc and the rest via download. Once you have downloaded the game, rest assured you do not have to be online to play!”

An internet connection isn’t required for the game’s physical PlayStation 4 release, the official statement goes on to explain, due to “compression and other variables.”

These details come after a Twitter user expressed confusion over the weekend about Control’s physical Xbox packaging stating the game needs to connect to the internet.

When Kotaku reached out to 505 Games about whether the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 versions of Control Ultimate Edition would require internet connections or employ the compression methods used on the PlayStation 4 disc, the publisher declined to comment.


    • The last time 505 Games opened their mouths regarding Control they were caught pretty blatantly lying to people.

      So I’d probably decline to comment too until I knew my story was the actual truth.

  • Does this pretty much confirm the new XBOXs aren’t compatible with BDXL discs?

    Because just use a BDXL disc ffs.

    • BDXL has very low market adoption (it’s basically only even available in Japan as a data storage format) so it would likely add to much to the cost of the drive to support such a niche format.

      The Series X does support UHD Blu-Ray though, which offers the same data capacities as BDXL. I’m not sure if games are supported on UHD though (they’re not on XBox One X).

    • Nope, since the game is an Xbox One game with a Series upgrade (apparently partially on disc), it has to use the older format to work with the original Xbox One line. All this confirms is that the Xbox One line isn’t compatible with BDXL.

  • I feel so bad for the crisis team who would’ve been tasked with getting this thing under size in time for launch and who had to declare failure.

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