Crash Bandicoot 4: How To Quickly And Easily Defeat N. Brio

Crash Bandicoot 4: How To Quickly And Easily Defeat N. Brio
Image: Crash Bandicoot 4

N. Brio is the second major boss battle in Crash Bandicoot 4This fight strongly resembles the original N. Brio fight in Crash Bandicoot 1, but there’s a few key changes this go around. The area N. Brio’s deadly potions can effect is quite large so you’ll want to keep moving, avoid his cloud attacks and prepare for the frantic final showdown. Here’s how the N. Brio boss battle works.

To start off, N. Brio is on an elevated platform flinging potions onto Crash. You’ll get targets for where the potions land, but these targets are less important than the circular cloud run-off that leaks from them. You’ll need to jump over these rings and avoid touching any fumes — they’re totally deadly to Crash and result in instant death.

Leap over every cloud and eventually, N Brio. will throw green bottles containing slime beasts. Spin these slime beasts into N. Brio and he’ll lose a chunk of health.

After losing two bars of health, N. Brio will initiate the N. Verted world and begin throwing bottles with greater speed. This inverted world is essentially the same, but with a swapped colour palette. As before, avoid all the bottles thrown (the corners are relatively safer) and eventually N. Brio will throw three green slime bottles.

Spin the creatures into N. Brio and you’ll enter the final phase of the battle.

They say old habits die hard, and N. Brio is certainly a subscriber to this theory. When he has just three bars of health left, he’ll ingest his own potions and become a Hulk-like monster. When he stomps his fists, he’ll generate a wide cloud of deadly dust. Avoid these clouds and wait for N. Brio to get tired out.

Eventually Akano, the heavy matter mask, will appear to help out. Use the mask to spin yourself into N. Brio and push him towards the edge of the platform you’re on. (If you’ve played Super Mario 64 recently, it’s the same concept as the Bully bosses). You may need multiple spins to get him into the water.

Repeat this process three times — and watch out for the larger clouds he’ll generate in the last two phases of the battle.

Spin him off the edge of the platform three times and he’ll be totally done for.

Crash Bandicoot 4: Tips for defeating N. Brio

If you need some additional help getting through the boss battle, here’s what we recommend:

  • Leap towards the targets when N. Brio throws bottles — this way you’ll land between glass clouds
  • Listen to sound cues — the green monster bottles sound different to the deadly purple bottles
  • When you’re in the inverted world, find one corner and stick to it — this will reduce the amount of clouds you need to avoid
  • Make sure you’re spinning when you attempt to push Hulk N. Brio —  if you’re stationary, he’ll grab you and literally snap you in half
  • Jump around Hulk N. Brio in circles, but don’t stick too close in the final phases
  • Watch out for the beat of Hulk N. Brio’s fist — on every fourth beat or so, he’ll let out a larger (and very deadly) cloud
  • Aim to spin Hulk N. Brio off the nearest corner —  if you take too long, he’ll go back to pounding

Defeating N. Brio will unlock N. Verted Mode, which lets you take on all levels backwards and earn new ‘N. Verted’ gems.

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