Dark Souls Player Drenched In Blood Every Time He Gets Hit

Dark Souls Player Drenched In Blood Every Time He Gets Hit
Gif: Big Secret

A YouTuber named Big Secret recently uploaded a video to his channel chronicling his adventures in building and using a contraption that sprays him with fake blood every time he gets hit in Dark Souls 3. I’m both fascinated and repulsed.

The machine has two modes: “easy mode,” which sprays Alex every time he dies, and “hard mode,” which unleashes a torrent of blood with every bit of damage taken. It took some experimentation to get perfect, but the results are fantastic.

Even simple, early-game Dark Souls 3 encounters ended up with Alex’s face completely covered in what I assume was corn syrup and food colouring. By the end, the stuff is everywhere and he’s barely made it through the first major area of the game.

In a previous video, Alex made a similar machine that shot him with Nerf balls every time he took damage in Valorant. It seems like negative reinforcement is, like, his thing? In any case, this real-world Dark Souls 3 mod seems to replicate the experience of travelling through Lothric pretty well!

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