Please Enjoy Some More Incredible Art From Destiny 2

Please Enjoy Some More Incredible Art From Destiny 2
Felwinter’s Helm exotic armor piece. Image: Dima Goryainov
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There’s always been one constant about Destiny: the art has, and always will be, phenomenal.

We’ve shown off some of the incredible art from Destiny and Destiny 2 before, and we’ve got another crop of incredible art to share again. This crop of art is from Destiny’s latest season, featuring concepts, armour, weapons and environments from some of developer Bungie’s most senior concept artists: Ryan Gitter, Dima Goryainov, Patrick Bloom, and Tyler Bartley.

Below you’ll see some of the incredible stuff that Bungie can put together. The detail on the armour and weapons is genuinely still some of the best the video game industry has to offer. Whatever your opinion on Destiny 2 is, there’s no beating around the bush that the art team is very, very, very good at their jobs.

Image: Dima Goryainov
The Moon destination Nightmare weapon set. Image: Dima Goryainov
The Xenophage exotic machine gun. Image: Dima Goryainov
The Xenophage exotic machine gun. Image: Dima Goryainov
Rasputin’s Bunker space. Image: Dima Goryainov
Transformation of the Cradle Tree on IO.
Rasputin’s Old Guard-themed armour for Warlocks. Image: Tyler Bartley
Vex Invasion armour. Image: Tyler Bartley
Saint-14 inspired armour. Image: Tyler Bartley
Rasputin-themed weapons. Image: Tyler Bartley
The Garden of Salvation Raid Weapon set. Image: Tyler Bartley
Garden of Salvation’s raid armour. Image: Tyler Bartley
The Exotic Devil’s Ruin sidearm. Image: Tyler Bartley
Vex invading the Moon. Image: Ryan Gitter
Destiny 2’s Moon. Image: Ryan Gitter
Moon destination Nightmare-themed gear. Image: Ryan Gitter
Moon destination Nightmare-themed weapon set.
Xenophage exotic machine gun. Image: Patrick Bloom

Image: Patrick Bloom

Holy hell, incredible stuff. Destiny 2: Beyond Light is set to take Guardians to Europa, which should mean Bungie has a ton of stunning snow-covered concepts of ice caps, mountains and frostbitten armour pieces lying around somewhere. Beyond Light officially launches on November 11 internationally.

It’s worth remembering that Destiny 2 is still free on Steam, if you’re looking for something to muck around with, and the Shadowkeep and Forsaken expansions are available on Xbox Game Pass.


  • The latter few of your screenshot captions are a boo boo, good stuff though and all this stuff is sticking around after Nov too

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