Destiny 2’s Intro Is Getting Overhauled To Make It More Welcoming To New Players

Destiny 2’s Intro Is Getting Overhauled To Make It More Welcoming To New Players

Starting out Destiny 2 as a new player is a bit of a mess at the moment. You’re almost immediately thrown into a huge solar system full of weird economies and esoteric systems, left to muddle through years of old content. Bungie plans to change that next month with a completely new tutorial experience.

Starting November 10 when Beyond Light launches, new players will still be resurrected in Cosmodrome by a ghost, only this time they’ll stick around for a while and meet a new character who’ll help guide them on their way. His name is Shaw Han and he’s busy investigating Hive activity with his fireteam. In between helping him shoot stuff, it sounds like he’ll teach new players about the game’s sometimes convoluted progression system.

Here’s how Bungie explains in this week’s blogpost:

As a new player, you’ll spend your first few missions getting acquainted with the state of the world in Destiny 2. You’ll have opportunity to take a few weapons out for a spin, find engrams to try different armour and see our progression systems, and have some time to learn how to navigate the user interface to understand quests, bounties, collections, and more. All of this will happen before you set foot in the Tower, and our hope is that this refreshed New Light experience will give a much warmer welcome to Guardians as they play Destiny 2 for the first time. 

It’s nice to hear that Destiny 2’s onboarding experience is getting a bit more structure, even if it’s still unclear what the entirety of its free-to-play early game will consist of once a bunch of content gets vaulted in a few weeks. The Cosmodrome, a graveyard of old Russian spaceships and missile siloes, is one of the series’ best locations and worth the extra stay. Bungie also points out that this time around the location will come with some new stuff, including underground Lost Sectors that didn’t exist in the first game.

Mods are also changing when Beyond Light hits. It’s nothing super drastic, but things like reload mods will be buffed so their effects are more noticeable. Energy type restrictions, meanwhile, are going away entirely. Praise the Traveller. And finally, raid armour will get new mod slots specifically for raid mods, meaning no more messing with your existing mod loadouts make room for them.

It’s all pretty good news, although as always it remains to be seen how it all shakes out in the actual game once Beyond Light is live. Things in Destiny 2 always seem to find a way of going sideways. In the meantime folks can finally start having fun with this month’s Festival of the Lost Halloween event now that the drop rates for Cipher Decoders have been increased.

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