Dusknoir Eats Ghosts And Spits Out Corpses

Dusknoir Eats Ghosts And Spits Out Corpses
Image: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Dusknoir!

Dusknoir Details

Type: Ghost

Average Height: 7′ 03”

Average Weight: 107 kg

First Added In Generation IV

Of course, the Pokemon universe has a real grim reaper that steals souls and takes them away to the afterlife. I mean, at this point I’m not surprised. Though there are some details about Dusknoir that are strange and need further explanation. But more on that in a moment. For now, let me introduce you to Dusknoir, a large Pokemon who has the ability to swallow people and Pokemon whole, taking their souls and then spitting out the empty corpse.

How does it swallow them? Do you see what appears to be a giant face on its stomach and chest? Well, that “mouth” opens up and then it swallows up its victims in one big bite, not unlike how I eat the last bit of a Taco Bell quesadilla when the final bite is too small to eat in two bites, but too big to consume in one normal chomp. So instead I sort of fold the last bit up and force into my mouth and… look you get it. It’s not pretty, though I expect Dusknoir doesn’t wash down bodies with Baja Blast.

According to Pokedex entries on Bulbapedia, Dusknoir isn’t randomly going around and eating up souls of whoever it finds. Instead, it receives “radio waves” and “electronic signals” from the spirit world. These signals tell it who should be brought to the other side next and it follows them, though folks in the Pokemon universe aren’t sure if it has to obey these orders or if it chooses to do so.

So if you capture a Dusknoir as a young child and bring it home and then it receives a signal from… wherever telling it that your mum is to be eaten and taken away, that must be a bit awkward. Does it gain XP when it kills your mum and steals her soul? Do your other Pokemon gain XP? If so, at least some good comes from her death.

Random Facts

  • Dusknoir will also help lost souls reach the spirit world, so that’s nice. Not sure it makes up for grabbing up people and taking them away from their family, but it’s something.
  • In a Pokemon novel, Dusknoir is often described as being metallic.
  • If you want to scare grandpa this Halloween season, dress up as a Dusknoir and sneak into this his home, and scream! I bet he’ll love it!

Best Comment From Last Week

The wierdest part about Banette to me is the impication that there are a ton of parents just buying dolls that look like it appently. The pokedex entry doesnt say that they end up looking any differnt to when they were dolls, so that means some mother saw these things and thought one would make a great gift for their sweet little buttercup.


Maybe this just reveals that a BUNCH of parents in the Pokemon universe hate their kids. Actually, considering how many kids are running around risking their lives and souls to catch these things… maybe that’s not that crazy a theory.

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