Football Player Changes His Name To ‘Goku’

Football Player Changes His Name To ‘Goku’

Joan Román, a 27 year-old footballer formerly on the books at both Manchester City and Barcelona, has officially changed his name to Goku. Yes, like Dragon Ball.

Goku, who currently plays in Poland for Miedź Legnica, seems to have made the change a few weeks back, but given the relative obscurity of the league he’s playing in, most folks are only finding out now following a report on Goal.

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Hungry for more ???????????? #gokuseason

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Here’s his explanation for the move, as captured by Spanish sports site ElDesmarque:

Football Player Changes His Name To ‘Goku’

Dude actually seems to be taking this pretty seriously, and has been using the #GOKUREBORN hashtag on all his recent posts, so maybe this is part of a motivational push to get back to the bigger European leagues he grew up in before a recent slide that saw him playing in…Cyprus.

If so, then good luck!

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the legal ramifications/possibilities of this, he’s not just Goku; as the Instagram post explains, he’s changed his given name, but retained his family name, so he’s now Goku Román.


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