Fruit Ninja Is Getting Remastered

Fruit Ninja Is Getting Remastered
Image: Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja, one of Australia’s most successful exports and one of the biggest games ever made, is getting a remaster.

The Brisbane-based Halfbrick Studios announced the remaster would be a “complete rebuild” of the game with a new engine and new graphics, setting it apart from re-releases of the fruit slasher that have appeared on devices worldwide over the last decade.

Fruit Ninja became one of the most formative releases in Australia’s development history. By the end of 2010, the Aussie mobile title had more than 4 million downloads, which eventually exploded in the coming years. By 2012, the game was on one third of all iPhones in the United States. By 2015, Fruit Ninja had been downloaded more 1 billion times.

The studio became the golden child of Australian development, but changes in the studio’s culture and years of redundancies took its toll. More recently, Halfbrick partnered with Krome Studios to revive some of their classic games.

“Krome will set out to help answer the calls of Halfbrick fans, and bring back the classic titles. Keep an eye out Monster Dash, Age Of Zombies, Fish Out Of Water and many more beloved games over the next few months,” Halfbrick announced in a media release in July. Halfbrick also released Battle Racing Stars earlier this year, the Monster Dash endless runner in August, as well as a crossover with Metal Slug in Jetpack Joyride.


  • I feel like Fruit Ninja was a game for a different time. Bringing it back with new graphics won’t also bring back 2012, although if they do mad props to Halfbrick because not sure I like where the future’s gone.

    • On one hand maybe, but on the other hand I think it would be a good opportunity to replace the unfinished bugfest the VR version ended up being. Considering that VR has a much better player base nowadays compared to back then, a rebuild allowing for feature parity between versions could do well to hit up the current market of folks who were never quite satisfied with the older FNVR knockoffs.

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