GameSpot Australia Has Shut Down [Update]

GameSpot Australia Has Shut Down [Update]
Image: Gamespot Australia
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Some awfully sad news for the Australian gaming scene this morning: GameSpot Australia, which contains some of the longest-serving writers and video editors servicing the Australian gaming community, has been shut down.

The shutdown affects the site’s editor in chief, Edmond Tran, who has been with GameSpot Australia for 12 years. Jess McDonnell, the long-serving face of GameSpot’s video content and one of their most veteran writers, has also been let go after nearly 9 years with the website. Eddie Makuch, who was working as an associate editor for GameSpot out of the GameSpot Australian office, is still with the team.

Both were frequent faces in the Australian community, and made regular appearances hosting panels and shows at the Gamespot Theatre during PAX Australia.

McDonnell, Tran, the remainder of GameSpot Australia’s staff and writers and those who have written for them before have always been incredibly gracious and hard-working throughout the years.

The site’s coverage of the R18+ campaign in the early 2010’s was of huge help in getting the classification regime changed, and they have continued to peerlessly break stories and cover events for as long as I’ve been in this industry. Australia’s gaming scene will be infinitely poorer for their experience, talent and wisdom, especially in a year as frantic and as busy as this.

The layoffs are not isolated to Australia, but tied to a broader round of redundancies tied into CNET Media Group’s $US500 million sale to Red Ventures — which is yet to be finalised. A post on TheLayoff, an anonymous forum for employees to communicate about upcoming redundancies, indicated that all of the CBSi properties will be affected in the coming days, although for now only redundancies impacting GameSpot staffers in Australia and abroad that are publicly known. (Update 4.10pm: The Desk is reporting that around 50 to 100 employees will receive redundancy notices by the end of next week, although not all of those are necessarily targeting editorial.)

Our hearts and thoughts go out to McDonnell, Tran and all those affected. They have served Australians and the broader gaming community tirelessly for almost two decades combined, and the loss of more Australian voices in the gaming world is never a good day.

If you have a spare moment, please take the time to thank McDonnell and Tran for their service on Twitter.


  • Terrible news. As much as I hope everyone involved can land somewhere safely, the media landscape in Australia is really rough right now.

  • Gamespot used to be my favourite gaming site back in the day, then somewhere along the line, they dropped their weekly show that had a go at some of the idiotic commenst left on some posts & their reviews became so awful from the way they were written and how they came to said conclusions that i stopped going there all together.
    Now its destuctiod for reviews and Kotaku for news.
    This is still a sad day.

  • Should have been the joke known as IGN. I used to visit both at various points as a teen, but for years now it’s been the Kotaku website and Gameranx youtube channel. Youtubers etc seem to be able to do most things better than actual companies now because they actually have passion for what they’re doing and are held personally responsible for what they put out.

    • Just an FYI, gameranx has been found multiple times to have stolen/ plagiarized other people’s content. I wouldn’t support them.

  • Now they are long term unemployable. Odds of these people getting back into the industry and making proper money is slim.
    Terrible news.

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