Hungry Jack’s Is Giving Away 50 PS5’s

Hungry Jack’s Is Giving Away 50 PS5’s
Image: Burger King

Missed out on a launch day PS5? Then Hungry Jack’s, better known for serving the Whopper than next-gen consoles, might be able to help out.

The Australian branch of Burger King is running a competition to give away 50 PS5's from today. Naturally, the competition is tied to buying some Hungry's Jacks, although spending $10 on a Whopper, some chips and a Hungry Jack's coffee -- why not? -- might be better than forking out for $750.

How it works is this:

  • Spend $10 or more on Hungry Jack's through the app or website any time between today and November 11
  • Head to this form page, enter your details and upload an image/screenshot of the receipt

You can enter multiple times, although it's worth noting that doing so will probably resort in you consuming Hungry Jack's multiple times. This may or may not be beneficial to your health. Unless you're buying like several rounds of drinks or passing the food onto someone else. Whatever floats your boat.

More information about the competition, and terms and conditions, can be found here. Even though a lot of people had their pre-launch PS5 shipments bumped up to launch day, I know there's plenty of other people who still missed out. So if you were going to grab some fast food anyway, this might not be a bad alternative.


    • Ugh. I actually tried one of those. Was supremely dry and unsaucy. I can say I definitely prefer the big mac to it.

      Now, Bacon Deluxe is one that I can happily have.

  • I wonder how many Next Gen consoles got snatched up by corporations who jumped the queue.

    I hope this isn’t a music tickets sold out instantly cause 90% of them were reserved for give-aways, radio contests and credit card reward point schemes… we already have a scalper problem.

  • I managed to get a pre-order, so If I win another one I’ll give it away.

    Though I gotta say I found the pre-order process great. I went on to BigW website at 11am and pre-ordered a PS5DE. I was not hard, and honestly I dont think I was early.

    The best thing about that day was the fact that it wasn’t advertised for bots, so you could pre-order for hours rather than mins.

    • Congrats on nabbing the pre-order, I’ll happily pay postage for the PS5 if you win it, seeing as you said you’ll give it away 🙂

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