JB Hi-Fi Is Finally Confirming PS5, Xbox Series X Orders

JB Hi-Fi Is Finally Confirming PS5, Xbox Series X Orders
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If you preordered a PS5 or Xbox Series X from JB Hi-Fi, then chances are you’ll have been waiting to find out whether that console will arrive on launch, before Christmas, or afterward. By today, you should have received the good news.

Users began receiving SMS confirmation of their preorders yesterday, with users discovering whether their consoles would arrive in the launch day wave or sometime thereafter. One version of the SMS sent out to users reads:

Your spot in the queue for your PS5 Console pre-order is confirmed! We’ll SMS you soon with a link to pay your remaining console balance. Pay by Mastercard, Visa or PayPal. Gift Cards not accepted.

Another version of the text, emailed to Kotaku Australia, is pretty explicit if users are not in the queue for launch day consoles:

Hi [redacted], just a heads up that due to your place in the queue and stock limitations, unfortunately you won’t get your Xbox Series X preorder on release day. But don’t worry, your spot is confirmed to get your console just before Christmas. We’ll SMS you with a link soon to pay your remaining console balance. Pay by Mastercard, Visa or PayPal. Gift Cards not accepted.

More information is now listed on the JB website, which asks people to verify their mobile phone numbers. It’s also recommended that people use click and collect rather than delivery, as “supplier embargoes” mean any consoles that have to be delivered won’t arrive on launch day:

We’ll check it’s you: You’ll be asked to verify your mobile number to access your basket and pay for your console

Choosing your delivery option: To avoid waiting and paying for delivery we recommend choosing Click & Collect so you can collect your new console from your local JB store on release day. When checking out you’ll see a Click & Collect tab under ‘Delivery options’ to simply enter your postcode and choose your closest pickup store. If you choose to get your console delivered please be aware that you will not get it on release day due to supplier embargoes and our delivery carriers experiencing higher than usual volumes. Excludes any free delivery offers.

JB stresses on that page that gift cards cannot be used to pay for the console. It wasn’t advertised when preorders went live that gift cards couldn’t be used for payment, even though some users reported using gift cards to pay for the preorder deposit.

SMS confirmations from The Good Guys — which is also owned by JB Hi-Fi — have been going out over the past 48 hours as well. Their payment texts are basically the same, texting out a link for people to finalise payment of their preorders.

Were you lucky enough to get a launch day console? Let us know in the comments!


  • Wonder what the issue with gift cards is. Maybe because it’s not directly linked to the purchase you can refund them?

    I certainly made use of gift card discounts when getting my last console from Big W.

  • I got that VERY VERY depressing text yesterday, I didn’t get a launch day console and JB promised me id get it before christmas….. absolutely shattered.

    I haven’t actually heard of anyone getting confirmation that they will be getting a launch day xbox series x pre order through. Has anyone else?

    • Only referring to the Xbox here, i know a lot pf people that seem to be getting the PS5 launch day

    • Nah the folks I know who preordered Xboxes have pretty much got the same emails despite getting in quite quickly on the day.

      I know some retailers got an email the night before preorder launch warning of limited stock numbers but this seems quite weird.
      I really hope Telstra didn’t get the bulk of the Australian stock allocation.

      • That’s an interesting thought. The only people I’ve heard of, so far, getting a launch Series X is aus are those that ordered through Telstra and Microsoft. There must be others but so far I haven’t heard of 1

  • The no gift cards policy is rubbish. Is it even legal for them to refuse the gift cards? The accc website says the businesses must clearly state “all conditions and restrictions on use of the gift card”. – https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/advertising-promotions/gift-cards-discount-vouchers

    If you then review the JB Gift card terms and conditions, there’s no mention that I can see of any possible restrictions on what items you can redeem the value of the card for – https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/gift-card-terms-conditions

    If this is the case, how can they refuse to accept gift cards as part of the purchase?

    • I got the first email yesterday, pretty exciting!

      Gonna have to look at changing to click and collect because it wasn’t an option when I put my preorder in and I don’t want to wait if I’m in line for a launch day PS5.

    • Yeah, I think this is definitely some violation. The gift cards must be treated equally to cash essentially. But again, no one’s going to seriously call them out unfortunately.

    • I’m very annoyed by this. I had $700 of JB gift cards sitting there waiting for the PS5, thinking I was quite clever, and JB even allowed me to pay for the preorder deposit with a gift card.. yet won’t allow me to pay for the PS5 with the same card? Absolute rubbish.

  • The reason for the gift cards problem is the system we use to manually send customers a checkout link is still in development and the people in IT haven’t figured out implementing gift cards yet. It isn’t a policy or anything like that it’s simply just a bug.

  • When i did my preorder from JB it wouldn’t let me select ‘Click and Collect’ even though there is 2 JB stores near me … i got the SMS confirming my preorder (which is a good sign) maybe when i get the SMS advising to pay the rest i can see if i can convert it to a click and collect

    • Yeah I just tried the same thing and no dice so I figure it will be available when the sms for paying goes out.

      At least I hope it is.

      • Just a side note to this, i reached out to JB, they advised the messages to pay the final amount should be tomorrow and apparently you will have an option to change to ‘Click and Collect’ once you pay the final amount pending on what store you nominate to collect from

    • Not surprised. Australian online retailers seem to have a pretty bad track record when it comes to gift cards and supporting them. Either they don’t or have taken quite some time to support, and many (most?) can’t manage transactions with multiple gift cards.

      I’d have thought an obvious option would be to allow people to use them on pickup by processing a return then repurchase in store with the card. No good for Victoria, but outside of that it looks like JB is encouraging in store pickups.

      • Oops replied to the wrong comment. Was meant to be about the JB HIFI site not being ready to accept gift cards for these transactions.

  • I got my text! About an hour after my mate got his, but it is the first text, so I’m really hoping that means I’ll be lucky enough to get it on release day. I’ve never owned a non-Nintendo console before. I’m really excited. I also used a gift card to pay the $50 deposit. Weird.

  • I got the first SMS yesterday which I guess means I’m good for launch day – hooray!
    And then I just sat staring at my phone for the rest of the day, willing it to receive the order link!

  • I got one of the ‘before Xmas’ messages, there better be an actual date attached when they come asking for payment

  • So…has anyone received a text from JB about their xbox ready on launch day? Everyone here is saying they got the ‘before christmas’ text, I did too. I got my order through 10min after pre-order opened…and that wasn’t enough. Sounds a bit weird…

  • I got my second SMS from JB Hifi today with a payment link to lock in my launch day PS5 Click & Collect order. My mate preordered about 1 hour after me and he’s still waiting, so they should hopefully be getting sent throughout the day.

    • Omg! I’m still waiting and hoping I get one today…. I ordered my PS5 with them just before 11am on preorder morning. I got the text a couple of days ago saying my spot in the queue is confirmed. Just got my fingers and toes crossed that I managed to secure a launch day console, although I got in a bit late so I’m really not sure lol!

  • I also just received my PS5 payment text from JB that confirmed I got a launch day unit and let me change delivery to click and collect.

    Freaking awesome!

  • Just got my PS5 payment text! So all paid up. I was very lucky as I’m 100% sure this $50 deposit thing was a pure lotto thing! I didn’t even know the pre orders went live the day before. But still managed to pay the deposit.

    My Xbox series X didn’t get through for the first batch but got that text wait for Christmas batch. However I pre ordered it luckily through EB games also. So might be getting that on launch day also. But I’m mostly wanting that PS5 first.

  • Just received my second text from JB confirming launch day Xbox with a link to pay the rest off letsss gooooo

  • Soo same issue here. Paid deposit with a gift card and now can’t use a gift card to pay the balance. Spoke to the ACCC, apparently JB HI FI can do what they like with their terms and conditions of gift cards and using them. But they are misleading the consumer by not providing an update to gift card usage prior to taking the deposit.

    So I guess they have to provide us with deposits back but still a bit frustrating tbh

  • So I’m wondering if anyone else did not receive their text to pay for a confirmed preorder on the Xbox Series X at JB hifi then had their order cancelled on them all together? This happened to me this week and I am so disappointed in how JB is handling the whole preorder situation.

    My two cents on doing these kind of things via text message in the days of cyber fraud is such poor form for any company. Other than not receiving this critical text (I had received my confirmed position text and that they would now be accepting gift cards) I would not feel comfortable clicking on some random text messaged link to enter my details and pay. Would have been happy to pay up front or via email

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