KFC Japan Installs Lockers For Contactless Ordering

KFC Japan Installs Lockers For Contactless Ordering
Screenshot: KFC
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At four locations in Japan, KFC is rolling out pick-up lockers for contactless ordering.

Customers order and pay via their phones, and their meals will be put into lockers. After the order code is entered, the door opens, and the customers can take their food.

You can see it in action below:

It can also be used by delivery services as well.

This isn’t the first time KFC has done contactless takeaway as its Singapore establishments created a lower-tech alternative back in April.

As IT Media reports that for the time being the pick-up lockers are currently being rolled out at four locations in Japan (two in Tokyo, one in Saitama, and one in Kanagawa). I think it’s a great idea.


    • Good point. Still it’s a prototype in limited circulation so hopefully they’ll fix that. They’re trialling contactless check-in terminals at Narita so it’s not like the technology doesn’t exist.

      • On one hand there are sensible options like using a phone app to interact without having to physically touch the otherwise shared surfaces, but on the other I would like to see a series of sensors like on some of the arcade dance machines (or a DDR-style floor keypad) so we get videos of people flailing comically to signal the boxes to release food to them! (bonus being headlines about Japanese people literally dancing for their dinner)

    • Aaaah, but that should give you a clue about what’s actually happening here.

      The pandemic hasn’t just shown businesses like restaurants that they need to adapt to a short term (in the grand scheme) lockdown, it’s also shown many the benefits of food services operating without a shopfront.
      Due to the pandemic and with the rise of food delivery services, there’s been a boom in kitchen only restaurants that operate without a dining area or walk in counter, some even operating several different menus that appear as different listings.
      So imagine flipping through menulog and trying to decide between good old fish and chips, a neat looking burger joint, a specialised curry shop or a upscale sushi restaurant which in reality are a singular business who’s only costs consist of a kitchen, cooking staff and a simple setup of computers taking orders.
      You can bet that the big takeaway stores have noticed this and I can guarantee you that we’ll start to see many opening smaller services that make use of this model well after the pandemic ends.

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