Kingdom Come: Deliverance Is Being Turned Into A TV Series Or Movie

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Is Being Turned Into A TV Series Or Movie

One of those two things, whatever, they don’t even know, aside from the fact that developers Warhorse and a former Netflix executive’s new company want to do something with the earnest if janky medieval RPG.

Kingdom Come Deliverance: The Kotaku Review

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was a grand idea. In a genre awash with fantasy epics, it sought to ground a role-playing adventure not in some distant and imaginary land, but in history. There would be no wizards, no dragons, no giant rats – just you, a horse, some mud, and a...

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I reviewed the game in 2018 and found that while it was mostly a shambles, it did have some charms and interesting ideas, so you’d imagine the latter are what will be focused on as part of a live-action adaptation.

I’m not really sure why they’d bother, though! It’s not like this is a household name as far as properties go, and the whole point of the game was that it was set in a supposedly historical medieval Bohemia, so there’s no original universe to be drawing upon either.

But hey, the former Netflix executive behind this, Erik Barmack, is also the guy who signed with Sega to make new Yakuza stuff, so maybe he’s just going around adapting his favourite games of the decade.

As Variety reports, Barmack says going after these more international games is part of a process of recognising some “amazing, non-U.S. worlds that are locally relevant, but with a regional and global popularity that streamers are looking for as they become more and more global.”


  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance may or may not be turned into a TV series or movie, given that these kinds of announcements are a dime a dozen.

    Something like only 1 in 10 properties optioned by entertainment companies end up getting through pitching and financing, development, and preproduction. And even when they do end up getting made it can sometimes take a decade or more.

    You really wouldn’t want to hold your breath for this to make its way out of the other end of that black box any time soon, if ever.

    • Is there an internet post version of ‘mansplaining’? Because that’s what the above reads as.

      As for the actual article, I could see some interest in such a show. Some of the historical fiction shows lately have been a bit heavy and overly dour (and I know KC:D can be) but the game had some lighter, more adventurous elements in it which were placed well enough against a medieval background. With the right touch, I would like to see something happen.

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