Lego Teams With Unity To Lure Fans Into Game Development

Lego Teams With Unity To Lure Fans Into Game Development
Screenshot: Unity / Lego

Unity’s microgame programs give new developers helpful templates and tutorials to ease them into creating their own racing, FPS, or platforming games. Now there’s a Lego version that gives hopeful devs all the building blocks they need to make neat little Lego games. In other news, I’ve installed Unity on my PC this morning.

Some people learn coding from scratch. Others learn by tearing apart existing code to see what makes it tick. I’m in the latter camp, and Unity’s Lego microgame dealio is perfect. Minutes after downloading it I’ve learned how to edit my little Lego person’s speed by editing its object. Now I’m learning how to add a platform to a platforming sequence to make it fun instead of impossible and frustrating. It’s fun to learn by screwing around with existing things.

Screenshot: Unity / Kotaku Screenshot: Unity / Kotaku

I recommend anyone even vaguely interested in Lego and making games to hit up the project page and give it a download. It loads directly into the Lego microgame tutorial series. The idea is that eventually users will create and upload their own little Lego games for friends and family to play.

At worst it’s a fun diversion to test your logic and fiddling around skills. At best, you could be the next John Carmack. Well, Lego John Carmack.


  • Yessss, more naive young grist for the industry mill… young developers who will be so happy to be there that they won’t question the industry’s appalling conditions and standards. Come, children! Feed your youthful vigor to the machine.

  • Just make sure you use Unity Version 2019.4.13f1 otherwise the Lego MiniGame template doesn’t seem to appear for later versions. Not sure why. Looks pretty decent for the hour or so I gave it.

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