Nicolas Cage Does His Best Travis Touchdown Impression

Nicolas Cage Does His Best Travis Touchdown Impression
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture

Croatian newspaper DuList recently snapped some photos of actor Nicolas Cage filming his upcoming movie, the aptly named The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, in the village of Cavtat.

As many folks have pointed out on Twitter, the pink leather jacket makes him the spitting image of Travis Touchdown, the otaku protagonist of the No More Heroes franchise.

Cage might be a little too old to play Travis in a hypothetical No More Heroes movie, but now it’s all I want. I’m sure Suda51 would love it, too.


  • A NMH timeskip movie that acts as a fourth installment would be great.

    Travis is a middle aged man now and still trying to be the cool otaku everyone knows he isn’t. Nobody believes he’s this amazing fighter who can topple gods until some kind of conspiracy is unearthed that threatens to take over a government. Travis picks up his old wank-sabre for one more go-around as the hero.
    Fighting happens and gets progressively more ridiculous until he kills the leader of the conspiracy who is the president of the USA and a pro-wrestler and maybe a dragon for some reason?
    Along the way people learn to respect him, but not because he proves how cool he is. It’s because he finally learns self respect.

    If Suda Goichi would like a full treatment for this, his people can get in touch with me by finding me on any online platform because I use the same stupid name derived from an ancient, dead meme everywhere.

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