Nintendo Goes After Adult TikTok Influencer Over Pokemon Branding

Nintendo Goes After Adult TikTok Influencer Over Pokemon Branding

Pokeprincxss, a TikTok user with 1.9 million followers, has been forced to change her name and pay back some of her earnings after Nintendo issued a cease and desist.

As first reported by Gamerant, Pokeprincxss — now known as Digitalprincxss — was recently contacted by Nintendo not long after her attempts to trademark her own username. She was told that her business efforts were infringing on their copyrights on a number of fronts, including her Pokémon-related name and the merchandise she was selling, like t-shirts, that featured Pokémon characters.

Nintendo Goes After Adult TikTok Influencer Over Pokemon Branding

Slightly understandable, but then, there are countless other people selling shirts and mugs and prints featuring Nintendo characters who aren’t getting cease and desists, so what’s the difference here?

In addition to her TikTok following, Digitalprincxss also runs a successful OnlyFans page where she posts regular adult content.

“Nintendo doesn’t want people to think that I’m in any way, shape or form affiliated with them, or that I have a partnership with them, and it all comes back to me being an adult entertainer”, she says in this explanation video below:

“Nintendo is a family-friendly company, so they don’t want that to at all ruin their reputation or anything, if people think that me and them are affiliated”.

“Obviously that really sucks, but from a business standpoint I have to understand it and accept it because I fucked up”, she says, pointing out that she’s been using the name for eight years now, and that her recent merchandising and trademark efforts were done out of a lack of understanding of the law, not malice towards Nintendo.

Speaking with Kotaku, she adds “I want to make it clear that I’m not trying to play the victim in the situation, and only hope to be somebody people can learn from and not make the same mistakes I did.”

“I still love Nintendo and will forever support them.”

“It’s kind of a cool thing to say, that…the ones who made my childhood so cool, they finally noticed me! All it took was for me to infringe on everything about them.”

In addition to the name change she’s also had to pay back everything she has made selling any merchandise with Nintendo’s copyrights on them.


  • I couldn’t last 30 seconds into that youtube video so based on the sample size of 2 (t-shirts) I can see why Nintendo lawyered up

    there’s really nothing “parody” about them. it looks like she straight up rip the mew image and stuck it on a t-shirt

    • Agreed. As a username on social media that was not being commercialised significantly, she could definitely get away with it. She went too far trying to trademark and merchandise it tho. Nintendo had to step in to protect the brand, regardless of the sort of content she was making, adult or otherwise.

    • I’d say Nintendo themselves are from the games they develop/publish. However, they appear to be happy to support people of culture and taste by providing a home to the refugees of Sony’s censorship policies.

      I remember when people were shocked when Senran Kagura 1 & 2 were 3DS titles and that there was such lewdity, while it made more sense for the Vita/PS4 titles. How the shoes have swapped!

      • The Nintendo version of Conkers Bad Fur Day had less censorship than the Xbox version. On the GameCube they had BMX XXX with no censorship which I think Sony/Xbox or both did. Still seen as family friendly though.

        • Which was funny since Xbox had been touting how their version of Conker would be the uncut one. The Xbox version of BMX XXX wasn’t censored (I actually have an import copy from Europe, where the videos were apparently slightly longer than the US release), however the Gamecube release had an extra short clip when you booted up the game that wasn’t in the other versions. Bonus for going the nintendo version I suppose. ^~

          The PS2 on the other hand? That was censored hard.

          Funnily enough, the Xbox 360 backwards compatible version of BMX XXX is censored, as when Microsoft added it to the roster of BC games, they had a mandatory patch that disabled all the videos.

          • BMX XXX was totally a product of it’s time. Even then it was a bit far. I can completely understand MS blocking videos of strippers in a game on their machine.

  • “I still love Nintendo and will forever support them.”

    LOL, sounds like someone will go back to the abusive boyfriend…

  • “it all comes back to me being an adult entertainer” nah I’m pretty sure it all comes back to you stealing their IP and selling it for profit.

  • I mean you literally tried to trademark something already trademarked. How did you not know this would go badly for you?

    • Really? Pretty sure the splash picture should tell you everything you need to know she didn’t get it.

      I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when said cover is that dog-eared, water-damaged, and cracked….

    • Given her apparent liberal use of other peoples Intellectual properties, More publicity like this is something she probably doesn’t want. More publicity means more companies becoming aware.

  • Gotta gives props to her here though. She’s completely owning it and not playing the victim. She understands why this has happened and accepts it. Good on her.

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