PlayStation Trophies Are Getting A Refresh Before They Move Over To PS5

PlayStation Trophies Are Getting A Refresh Before They Move Over To PS5
Screenshot: Sony

Sony announced it’s expanding the number of trophy levels and changing how they’re calculated ahead of the release of the PS5.

Currently, PlayStation Network users have a level from one to 100 based on the total number of trophies they’ve collected while playing games on the platform. Starting later today that will change, with everyone being moved over to a new 1,000 level scale. For example, if your current level is 12, via Sony’s peculiar inflation your new level will end up somewhere in the 200s. In addition, each 100 levels will be associated with a different trophy icon ranging from a small bronze to a giant gold and eventually, upon hitting level 999, a platinum.

Screenshot: SonyScreenshot: Sony

More significantly, Sony says it’s changed some of the maths behind how these new trophy levels are calculated. “Players will progress quicker through the early levels, and levels will increase more consistently,” the company wrote over on the PlayStation blog. “Platinum trophies will count more toward your level progression, making them even more valuable.”

That’s good news for people tired of sitting somewhere in the teens despite having played hundreds of games and earned thousands of trophies. Under the existing regime, bronze trophies are worth 15 points, silver are worth 30 points, gold are worth 90 points, and platinum are worth double that at 180 points. Meanwhile it takes 2,000 points to go from level 11 to level 12, and 2,400 points to go from level 12 to level 13. While Sony didn’t reveal exactly how the new system will be calculated, it called the progression “more optimised and rewarding.”

Sony also said trophies should carry over normally from PS4 to PS5. It doesn’t sound like there are any plans to overhaul them beyond the modest changes outlined above.

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  • I can see no real reason for this other than people become disillusioned with the concept of clicking over another level and knowing ‘it could be YEARS before I move across to the next one’.

    I think I am somewhere around level 22 or 23, but I’ve stopped looking cause I can score 20-30 trophies and the % needle barely moves.

    Say what you will, but the achievement system on the xbox is much simpler one and easier to understand. e.g. if I am at 19950 achievements and get this achievement worth 75, I’ll be into the 20k mark.

    And before people jump to the attack/defense, there’s nothing wrong with caring or not caring about your level/score.

    • I do prefer achievements I do like the platinum for 100% completion, not sure how Xbox could implement something similar.

      • Perhaps a simple fix would be to add something next to their xbox live profile name. I see the number of ‘years’ I have been on xbox live, but instead change it to a number based on ‘completed’ games. Or make your xbox background/writing change in conjunction with number of ‘completed’ games. The strange thing about these trophies/achievements is that you can completly 100% a game and yet DLC comes out and diminishes your ‘score’.

        Rocket League is a huge example. I currently have ‘42%’ of the trophies, despite having the platinum.. haha..

  • Oh. Disappointing. I was hoping it would be an improvement that makes checking the trophy page take less than three hours for the system to load.

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