Some PS5 Accessories Won’t Ship In Australia Until December

Some PS5 Accessories Won’t Ship In Australia Until December
Image: Sony

If you were hoping for some fancy new PS5 headsets and charging stations to go with your PS5 console, bad news: they’ve been delayed.

Sony has begun emailing users today to inform them that the PS5’s HD camera, DualSense charging dock and the Pulse 3D wireless headphones will “now release on December 3, 2020”. That’s almost a full month after the console’s launch on November 12.

According to the email, which has been circulating around social media, the delays are due to “unforeseen shipping delays”.

“Other peripherals including the DualSense Wireless Controller and Media Remote will continue to launch on the same day as the PlayStation 5 — November 12,” the email says. “Your console expected delivery date is unchanged and will ship separately to any delayed peripherals,” it adds.

The delay is frustrating, but nothing out of the ordinary for 2020. Console manufacturers especially have faced all sorts of supply and shipping delays, especially in the early days of COVID-19. But given that the delays only impact the charging dock, camera and headset — and the PS5’s 3D audio doesn’t require special headphones to work — I think most people will probably be fine with this.

I’ve contacted Sony Australia for comment. The company had provided a statement to Press Start, but the statement was just a paragraph from the email that’s already floating around on social media. Should the company provide any further details that shine more light on the situation, I’ll let you know.


  • Hey Alex – Can you ask them why they delivered these 3 weeks early to other places, and 3 weeks late for us?

    You can see by the reviews for these already appearing, and that makes you feel like it was Australia’s orders that were sacrificed to make that happen.

    At the very least I think we deserve to know the issue, because is its production then they really screwed us.

    • Reviewers get hardware early so that they can do a proper assessment before launch. Are you alleging that Sony had to choose between Australia and reviewers – and chose the latter?

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