Some Post-Launch EB Games PS5, Xbox Series X Pre Orders Are Now Arriving Day One

Some Post-Launch EB Games PS5, Xbox Series X Pre Orders Are Now Arriving Day One
Image: Sony

If you’ve ordered a PS5 or Xbox Series X through EB Games recently, then you might have just been the beneficiary of the best possible news: getting your console on launch day and not later in the year.

EB Games started emailing users last night — as picked up by Press Start and Stevivor — to let them know that they’d “advanced in the queue” for their PS5 and/or Xbox Series X pre-orders. In short, some users who were expecting to get the console around December or sometime in 2021 have now been told that their consoles will be arriving sooner than expected.

The full email for those being bumped from the post-launch shipment to launch day reads as follows:

We’ve got some amazing news – you’ve advanced in the queue!

Your order for the PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X console, originally in our post launch 2020 shipment has been moved to the launch day shipment! (go ahead, you can squeal with excitement now).

Your new order details can be seen in the order history section of your EB World profile.

Customers can check their order history here to see when their new shipments will arrive. It’s worth noting that this is just from EB Games at this stage, although if one of Australia’s biggest retailers has managed to secure enough stock or room to move customers up the queue, some other retailers might be able to do the same.

Either way, Christmas is coming a little early for some people.


  • While I’m happy for these people it pisses me off at how badly Jbhifi have handle these pre orders. I totally would have gone for EBs second shipment pre order if I knew my JB pre order, that went through only 20mins after they went live, would be pushed back to Christmas. They could not be more unclear about when the consoles coming. Not happy

    • To be fair, nobody seems to have a clear date for the second shipment and I have a feeling this is more about a reshuffle of available stock after cancellations rather than the second wave coming early.
      (I’m only assuming since a lot of folks seem to be saying they’ve not got an email)
      There’s also a good chance that you would still be in the same boat.

      • I do understand that but at the same time telstra has a December 9th second shipment date. I’ve heard EB had its launch allocation cofrimed yesterday and that’s why people got bumped up. Yet JB just do one massive pre sale with no warning of which shipment you were ordering. At least EB made that clear

        • Telstra might not be a great example considering they’ve entered in to contract of sorts with Microsoft.
          (I would be very interested to see the details on that myself.)

        • I’m a bit pissed at JB like you — I also got my order in around the first 20mins and even though they said it didn’t guarantee launch-day shipment, I thought my chances were pretty good. I snared a preorder at EB later in the day and that is still saying 2020. I’m keeping both preorders regardless of timing as a couple of my friends weren’t able to preorder at all, so one of them will appreciate getting 2020 stock.

  • Got the text last night pretty happy considering I didn’t secure a console until 6:30pm after being stuck in the checkout limbo all day.

  • My second wave (expected 2020) shipment of my XSX hasn’t moved, nor has my ‘early 2021 PS5’ order at EB. oh well, when it happens etc.

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