Revamped PlayStation Store Ditches PS3, Vita, PSP Content

Revamped PlayStation Store Ditches PS3, Vita, PSP Content
Image: Sony

An email being sent to PlayStation users today announced that Sony will be introducing a new PlayStation Store on web and mobile later this month. The benefits are unclear, but several features will be removed, including the ability to buy legacy content and build a personal wishlist.

Starting on October 21, the new PlayStation Store will begin to remove PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable games and add-ons along with apps, themes, and avatars for those platforms. Both the web and mobile versions of the store should complete this process by October 28, after which customers will need to access the PlayStation Store directly through those legacy consoles to make purchases.

Wishlists, which allow users to save games for future purchase, are also being phased out.

As development focus shifted to the PlayStation 4, optimising the PlayStation Store experience on previous platforms apparently became less of a priority. And with the PlayStation Portable losing access to its built-in store in 2016 — and now even the ever-useful web-based version — PSP users will need to purchase content for their handhelds through either a PS3 or Vita, the latter of which only makes a subset of PSP content available.

I recently had a hell of a time buying Demon’s Souls due to the atrocious, juddery performance of the PlayStation 3’s store app, and while that’s certainly anecdotal, it’s a shame to know I’m now stuck with that experience if I should wish to buy further PS3 content.


  • “Wishlists, which allow users to save games for future purchase, are also being phased out.” What the heck? Why would you remove a standard storefront feature like this? Wishlists are actually a vital part of generating and monitoring interest and sales, not to mention the benefits it brings to users who actively keep tabs on when the games they want are on sale, available, etc.

    Are they hoping that people will drive more sales through impulse buys rather than wishlisting and waiting for sales or when they have the money? Are they bringing in some alternative? If not then this is another reason why I hate Sony’s UX design team. Every time they touch the store it seems to get even worse.

    • Yeah, I am mightily pissed off about this.

      I use the PS Store almost exclusively through the web browser interface, not on console. And I use the wishlist heavily – I add stuff I’m interested in there, that way when they update the sales every couple of weeks I can just jump in there and see at a glance if any of those games are on sale.

      If I now have to scroll through page after page of a sale to see if anything I want is discounted, chances are I’ll either miss something or just not even bother to make the time to do it. End result being that I’ll end up buying fewer games.

  • As someone who regularly uses the webstore, and very much prefers it to the console store, this is kinda disappointing. The store on the console is always having issues for me, whether its just not loading fast enough due to the network, or hell, not loading fast enough due to the console itself (thankfully doesnt happpen much since I put an SSD into my PS4)

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