Silent Hill Ain’t Doing Well In This Economy

Silent Hill Ain’t Doing Well In This Economy

This week we meet the woman who sang “Snake Eater” in MGS3, see the worst Walter White costume, meet the hacker who hacked Among Us, box up our consoles, and learn that Silent Hill has fallen on hard times.

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Mass Among Us Hack Forces Players To Advertise Hacker’s YouTube Channel, Trump

Unprecedented, globe-spanning popularity is cool and all, but it comes with drawbacks. The three-person development team behind AOC-approved deception sensation Among Us has been struggling with hacking issues for quite some time, but late last night, one particular hack forced their hand.

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Not a huge surprise that the hacker is an arsehole.

Thanks To My Childhood, I Can’t Throw Out My Console Boxes

My first console was a PlayStation, a gift from my mother’s boyfriend. I don’t remember asking for it; I think it was a gift to curry favour. My mother had an antipathy towards video games that bordered on hostility, so while she didn’t outright ban my sister and me from...

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I was in the meeting with Ashley when she told us all this story and we all yelled out “This needs to be on the site!”

Cynthia Harrell, The Woman Who Sang ‘Snake Eater,’ Is Ready To Be Heard Again

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about “Snake Eater,” the titular song in the 2004 video game masterpiece, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. In it, I gush about the song and how it is as responsible for the prestige of the game as anything else. Tucked...

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One of the best stories I’ve read all year and I’m so sad to hear Harrell has never been asked to come to a gaming convention.


What happens if Spirit Halloween goes out of business? What store takes over all its empty warehouses?

I am also the other one who knocks.

Lost many friends in the Ketamine Corn Maze. But made some new ones too…


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