Sony Is Giving Away Free Adaptors For Playing VR Games On PS5

Sony Is Giving Away Free Adaptors For Playing VR Games On PS5
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If you want to keep playing VR games after making the transition to PlayStation 5 next month, you’re going to need an adaptor for your PlayStation Camera. Fortunately, Sony has opened a website where you can grab one for free.

Availing yourself of this free adaptor is as simple as visiting the official website and providing Sony with the serial number on your PlayStation VR unit and your shipping information. Shipments will range from the end of October to the beginning of December, and deliveries may take up to two weeks.

The adaptor in question allows the PlayStation Camera to connect to the PlayStation 5, which doesn’t have the requisite input slot for the camera’s proprietary AUX cable. This adaptor will be the only way to continue playing existing PlayStation VR games on PlayStation 5, as the new HD camera isn’t compatible with the PSVR headset released for the PlayStation 4.

More information on the adaptor and the process required to receive one can be found in Sony’s official FAQ.


  • So here’s a question – the PSVR currently works as a HDMI pass-thru on the PS4 (so you’re tv connects to the PSVR, not the console). So… am I missing something… but how will you be able to utilise HMI2.1 (4K120Hz) if you are also using a PSVR? Regardless of whether they send you an adapter for the camera.

    • That’s a good point. I’m assuming the adaptor is only going to be to get the thing working, and the TV display won’t be able to run at max capacity.

      What this probably means is that once you get the adaptor and the thing is no longer a paper-weight, you won’t want to leave it plugged in the whole time but will only connect it as a pass-through box when you need to use the PSVR.


    • CUH-ZVR1 models:

      if headset is on, it will only allow 1080p pass through and will not support HDR.

      if headset is off, it will allow 2160pYUV420 pass through but ill not support HDR

      CUH-ZVR2 Models:

      Allow passthrough for 1080p as well as 2160P in YUV420 up to 60Hz. Pretty certain it still doesnt support HDR.

      So basically if you have a 120hz 4k or HDR Capable Screen you will have to bypass the PSVR completely.

      • I think the second model does support HDR passthrough?

        I have the original launch model so I just swap cables when I play VR. Slightly annoying but not the end of the world.

    • to add itll still display content on TV in 1080p… they could technically render in 4k, and downscale the 4k to a 1080p output to increase image quality, but i highly doubt it.

  • humm thanks for the heads up about getting an adapter; the online form did not work for me; so on hold with sony now; 30+ min wait ><

    • Yea hasn’t been working for me either all afternoon. Just getting a “Oops! Something went wrong. Contact PlayStation Support by calling 1300 13 7669” error whenever I enter my serial number.

      • I logged mine within a few minutes of the article being posted this morning and it went through fine, with a confirmation email received a little later.

        Maybe they got hammered?

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