Spelunky 2 World Record Speedrun Is Only Three Minutes Long

Spelunky 2 World Record Speedrun Is Only Three Minutes Long
There's no time for actually buying stuff in Spelunky 2 speedruns. (Gif: Mossmouth / d_tea)

The current world record Spelunky 2 speedrun is a sight to behold and won’t take up hours of your time.

A legendary Spelunky speedrunner by the name of d_tea recently uploaded a video in which they complete the sequel in just under three minutes. While the run is obviously full of the precise running and jumping you’d expect in a platforming game, things really go off the rails when d_tea steals a handheld teleporter from a merchant in the caves.

This useful piece of equipment can teleport players across massive distances in the blink of an eye, but if used carelessly, is also liable to kill them instantly by placing them inside a solid block.

d_tea also manages to get poisoned — a status debuff that slowly saps the player’s health — half-way through the run, putting an artificial time limit on the entire endeavour. But as you can see, that doesn’t appear to phase d_tea as they barrel toward the end of the game and completely decimate Tiamat by teleporting right into her face. This does massive damage to the boss while leaving the player unscathed.

With every new game release comes a group of players hoping to beat it as quickly as possible. Case in point, the Spelunky 2 community is already hard at work filling the leaderboards with speedruns in a variety of categories just two weeks after it first launched on PlayStation 4.

That said, it’s such a young game that there’s bound to be a new world record soon, even if it’s just d_tea improving on their time, so stay tuned!

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