Star Wars Squadrons Players Are Complaining About Terrible Hit Detection

Star Wars Squadrons Players Are Complaining About Terrible Hit Detection
Image: Star Wars Squadrons

If you’ve tried to play Star Wars: Squadrons from Australia, chances are your multiplayer experience might have been a little … sub-par. And you’re not alone.

Aussies have been levelling a ton of complaints about the game’s supposedly poor hit detection for weeks to no avail. Users have been posting clips over the last week to the official EA forums and Squadrons sub-reddit, showing instances of enemy pilots happily flying away despite copping literally half a fleet’s worth of lasers right up their exhaust pipes.

Here’s one instance of an Australian blasting the snot out of a TIE Fighter, complete with the visual recognition of hull damage, only to eventually get blown out of the sky.

Aussies, consider holding off on this game. This is about 3/4’s of my online matches from r/StarWarsSquadrons

Another Aussie posted this clip of absolutely smashing the shit out of an X-Wing. Did it do anything? Well, no.

This third clip — you know the drill by now — was equally depressing. SpiderMadJedi21, apparently, has the world’s best X-Wing armour. Either that or something in Squadrons is seriously broken.

Understandably, players are a bit pissed. “Instead of waiting for a minute or 2 to connect to local players, this game just instantly connects to the other side of the world in less than 5 seconds,” one Reddit user complained. “I’d rather wait 5 [minutes] and have an actual PLAYABLE game. Rather than instantly and continuously connect to some bloke’s PS4 on the other side of the world.”

Others questioned whether the issue was down to a lack of local servers, although an EA representative posted in one thread how local servers didn’t “seem to be the issue”.

Still, whatever the issue is, it’s not hard to see why an experience like this is annoying at best, and borderline unplayable at worst:

This is what happens when you don’t have region-specific servers. This is the standard experience for many Aussie/Kiwi players. from r/StarWarsSquadrons

Questions around Squadrons‘ matchmaking and server situation have largely gone unanswered, although EA hasn’t been clear about how extensive the server infrastructure is. There’s a thread 6 pages long on the official Squadrons forums of users complaining about poor hit registration.

Australians have posted in the thread as well, asking if an option could be implemented that would allow you to choose your own server location. It would result in longer matchmaking queues — given the local player count — but it’d ensure higher quality matches, which is why Australians barrack developers to support local dedicated servers whenever possible.

The problem isn’t isolated to down under, either. Players outside of the major regions — South Africa, for instance — are suffering similar jitteriness and lag when thrust into a lobby full of Americans.

So far, the only reply from an EA Community Manager acknowledging the issue Aussies are having has been this:

It’s an issue we’re tracking. Too soon to say anything more, but our engineers are looking into it.

That post was six days ago at the time of writing. The only other official acknowledgement since then has been this line item to the “Online” section of known Star Wars: Squadrons issues:

  • We are investigating connectivity reports from players in the Australia and New Zealand region.

The devs know about it, at least, although that message doesn’t seem to have gotten through to a lot of disaffected Aussie pilots. Fingers crossed a solution isn’t too many jumps away. Fortunately, at least the singleplayer mode is still brilliant.


  • The PC VR experience is also, STILL, ridiculously subpar. There’s a refresh rate bug on PC that limits ALL machines to 60 FPS, which is bad enough for 2020 on a ‘pancake’ machine, but not even close to good enough for a smooth non-vomit VR experience. Plus a whole bunch of stutter issues.

    The game appears to have needed another 3-4 months in the oven baking, but because of a bare release schedule, EA have chucked it out the door unfinished. Typical EA assholes, they’re never going to change…

      • Nope, you probably don’t sorry to say – this guy is looking for people to prove otherwise if you’d like to contribute (yet to find a proven case of over the 60). Would be cool if we could find someone to prove us all wrong though – because that would prove it’s not a ‘game logic tied to FPS’ issue, which would make it impossible to fix:

        The engine is rendering higher than 60 (hence it will show in FPS counters), but it won’t actually display the frames – and really high FPS on beast PCs are causing all sorts of stutter issues.

        • I’ve had this problem as well, and I’ve held off on finishing the campaign — as much as I’ve loved it — because I’d like to see the gameplay at some proper fluidity. It’s not the best when you have to turn a high refresh rate screen down to 60Hz just to get the game past 30fps animations.

          • Exactly – I’ve been looking forward to this ever since the PS4 VR mission. The amount of blur, reprojection and ghosting is a recipe for instant nausea and motion sickness.

            While it’s great to see more big publishers starting to support VR as a viable platform, they should really be leaning on the last 5+ years of frontier developers working out all the kinks.

  • Yeah every few games I get this, its not usually the same for each player and so sometimes I wonder if its just related to international servers AND particularly bad connections from an international player.

  • This is a consistent EA thing for sure. Mass Effect multiplayer is one of the best horde coop experiences available… when it fucking works. There’s only so many dropped games you can stomach before abandoning the idea entirely, and thanks to EA’s bullshit services (definitely nothing to do with local internet reliability), a drop-out in Australia is nearly guaranteed one out of every 3-4 matches, and more if you try to play with fellow Aussies in a party.

    • In fairness to EA (though I don’t think they probably even deserve it), their FPS servers for Apex and Battlefield are (and have been over the years) generally ok, and actually located in Aus.

      I can’t comment on Squadrons and never played Mass Effect multiplayer though. The videos in the article are pretty blatant though, that’s for sure. Completely unacceptable.

  • I’ve played a lot since launch and see this rarely. Maybe one enemy every 10 games or so. Still doesn’t stop the game being fun for me or racking up 18-2 scores in dogfights.

  • Had to refund it due to the massive stuttering issues, even after trying all the fixes and workarounds. End of the day, shouldn’t have to deal with this sort of thing on launch.
    Also complete disregard for those wanting true inverse control options with mouse and keyboard by having the stupid mouse directional icon there which mentally throws off completely all directional visuals.

    Eg. Move the mouse forwards on the mouse pad. The ship moves downwards (which is fine for inversed) but the mouse direction icon moves upwards on the screen… so you get confused by which direction your ship is moving as things are going both ways…

  • A follow-up on this would be appreciated to hopefully convince them to fix the game.

    Lag is still killing multiplayer here in Aus, it was mentioned for a few weeks on the “Known Issues” list on EA Help/Support, but was removed from that list with no fix.

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