The 7 Most Exciting Demos From The Latest Steam Game Festival

The 7 Most Exciting Demos From The Latest Steam Game Festival
The Survivalists is an epic adventure where you're stuck on a deserted island.

The latest Steam Game Festival is now in full swing. It’s shining a spotlight on indie adventures with hundreds of exciting new demos and livestreams for upcoming games. There’s plenty to check out, play and watch but if you’re struggling to sort through everything available, Kotaku Australia is coming in clutch with a bunch of recommended demos.

There’s so many fantastic games just over the horizon and you can get your hands on them right now. Here’s what you should check out on Steam.

Garden Story

garden story demo steam festival
Garden Story is a cutesy adventure filled with charm.

The Steam Game Festival will give you a chance to try out Garden Story, a cutesy life simulator where you play as a berry known as the Guardian of The Grove. In it, you’ll travel the adorable, pastel lands of the game, fight the evil force known as the Rot and save the day with the help of your tiny, fruity pals. Garden Story looks very wholesome and you can check it out for yourself here.

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

monster camp demo steam game festival
Romance monsters and explore camp in Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp.

Monster Camp is the hotly anticipated sequel to fantasy romance sim Monster Prom. Here, you’ll have the chance to romance new eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, all while dealing with the fun and stress of an American summer camp. You can also hop in with some friends for some multiplayer dating and compete for the monsters you love most. You can check out the Monster Camp demo here.

It’s coming this October, but it doesn’t have a firm release date yet.


gloomwood steam demo festival
Explore the haunted streets of a Victorian-era city in Gloomwood.

Gloomwood is an upcoming stealth survival horror from New Blood Interactive, creators of the critically-acclaimed Dusk. In it, you’ll traverse the mysterious and murky streets of a Victorian city relying solely on stealth tactics and a revolving door of weird and wonderful weaponry to survive. It looks and feels like a creepy Thief sequel and it’s inspired by the classic immersive adventure sims of yesteryear.

You can try the Gloomwood demo here.

Ring of Pain

ring of pain steam demo
Ring of Pain is a competitive roguelike card crawler.

Ring of Pain is the card-battler-slash-dungeon-crawler you need in your life. In the game, you’ll encounter a bunch of deadly dungeons, creepy monsters and hostile environments. The titular Ring is totally brutal, but it makes for a very fun and exciting strategy card game. It’s also being developed by an Australian studio (Twice Difference, with Simon Boxer) and we love seeing Aussie indies succeed. You can check out the demo for Ring of Pain here.

Ring of Pain is set for an October 15 release.

The Survivalists

the survivalists steam demo
Carve yourself a legacy on the island where nobody goes.

This open world sandbox game is a follow up to the acclaimed The Escapists franchise. This go around, you’re stranded on a deserted island with zero possessions, a broken raft and a fleet of rabid monkeys. As you explore your personal, procedurally generated-world you’ll come across various monuments, mysterious strangers and mounds of hidden secrets.

It’s a supremely relaxing game where you decide what to do and where you’ll go. Check out the demo here.


ghostrunner steam demo
Parkour your way to the top in Ghostrunner.

Ghostrunner is a dystopian cyberpunk adventure where you’ll have to use parkour and epic sword skills to slice through a corrupt government and save the future peoples of the world. It’s a gorgeous looking game with fast-paced action, a slick aesthetic and cool open-world. You can check out early gameplay footage from Kotaku Australia here or try out the demo for yourself here.

Ghostrunner is dated for an October 28 release.

Pumpkin Jack

pumpkin jack halloween game demo
Pumpkin Jack is the perfect action platformer for Halloween.

Pumpkin Jack is an action platformer taking heavy inspiration from classics like MediEvilIt’s filled with delightful colours, great combat and plenty of exciting locales to explore. It’s also arriving right on time for Halloween, with the game set for release on October 24. If you can’t wait to get stuck in with some spooky skeleton-y adventures, you can check out the Pumpkin Jack demo here.

Spot any other exciting adventures in the latest Steam Game Festival? Pop on down to the comments below and share them with your fellow Kotaku Australia readers.


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