Surviving The Aftermath Is A City-Builder At The End Of The World

Surviving The Aftermath Is A City-Builder At The End Of The World
Screenshot: Surviving The Aftermath

It’s not enough these days for a city-builder to just be about building a city. There’s always a catch, or a weird setting, and I like it, because it’s giving us all kinds of new and weird ways to enjoy the genre. The latest example: Surviving the Aftermath.

Airborne Kingdom Is A City-Builder Only You’re FLYING

That’s it. That’s the pitch for this game. You’re building a city, only the city is also a giant airship thing that’s flying through the air.

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Now out in Early Access on Steam, it has you building a settlement in a post-apocalyptic world. But then there’s loads of other stuff too, like defending it from attack and sending expeditions out into the wastelands to connect with other folks.

While that sounds a lot like Frostpunk, the video will show that all actually plays out a bit differently, especially the world-scale stuff.

Developed by Paradox’s Iceflake Studios, it’ll also be coming to console…at some point in the future.


  • As it’s a sequel to Surviving Mars that would mean “The last war” is the official mystery of Surviving Mars

  • This game is totally my jam, but sheesh, the voice-over in that trailer was literally just one long string of cliches strung together.

    This is why game developers should hire some actual writers instead of thinking that they know how to write simply because they read some urban fantasy at university.

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