Target Is Warning Customers Of Potential Xbox Series X Delays

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Earlier this week target sent emails to some Xbox Series X preorder customers saying their once confirmed preorders were cancelled. Now, Press Start is reporting that some other customers with confirmed preorders have been informed that they won’t be getting their consoles in time for the November 10 launch, either. The good news is, though, that they’ll still be getting their Xboxes in time for Christmas, with expected delivery dates of sometime between late November and early December.

The text of the email reads:


We have recently been informed that our shipment of Xbox Series X for your pre-order will not be received at Target until mid November which may delay your delivery until late November to early December, subject to our carrier transit times.

Your order is still confirmed, however in light of the additional delays, if you would like to cancel your order, we would understand and ask you to contact Target customer support.

This led some customers to be concerned that multiple shipments of Xboxes had been delayed. But Xbox released a statement on Twitter claiming that is not the case: “Currently no Xbox Series X pre-order shipments in Australia are experiencing delays. Like previous pre-order programs, retailers and availability differ, so please check with your local retailers for more information on availability and timings.”

Meanwhile on Twitter, other people have claimed that target has been cancelling their preorders due to “payment issues”, despite having enough funds in their account.

Kotaku approached Target for comment, but haven’t received a response.

If you missed out on a preorder and were hoping to be able to line up and pick one up at a store, we have bad news on that front, too. Microsoft confirmed in another tweet that “at this sage all launch stock has been pre-sold out”.

You can read up on all your rights when a preorder gets cancelled here, with this handy guide.

Have you had your preorder cancelled? Let us know in the comments.


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