The Division 2’s Summit Mode Is Now Easier To Actually Finish

The Division 2’s Summit Mode Is Now Easier To Actually Finish
Image: Ubisoft

Last month, The Division 2 received a new action-focused mode called The Summit. It was good, but some bugs and other issues soured the experience. Ubisoft made some changes to the mode in a recent update, and now it’s a much better experience, especially for casual Division players like me.

In The Summit, players fight their way up a skyscraper made of 100 randomly generated floors, each one containing different enemies, objectives, and combat scenarios. When it first released, I enjoyed The Summit a lot, but it was challenging. As a casual Division player, I wasn’t sure I would ever reach the very top. One of the main problems for me was that it just takes a long time — a few hours potentially — to complete all the floors. Another issue was your progress up the tower was only saved at every 10 floors, so if you had to stop playing at, say, floor 86, you would have to restart at floor 80. On lower floors and with a good team, this wasn’t too bad. But alone, higher up the tower, or with less powerful character builds, getting through some randomly generated floors could be a real pain. This made it feel like I couldn’t stop playing until I reached a checkpoint floor.

My strategy when things get a bit crazy is to just pull out my Bullet King and make the problems go away.  (Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku)My strategy when things get a bit crazy is to just pull out my Bullet King and make the problems go away. (Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku)

Things are thankfully better now after Ubisoft updated the game on October 20, making some adjustments to how The Summit works. Progress is now saved every time you reach a new floor, so you can always pick up where you left off.

The other big change is the ability for players to control what their targeted loot will be, even during the middle of a run. Targeted loot is gear that has a higher chance of dropping during floors. Are you looking for a better assault rifle? Simply open up the map screen, tap up on the controller and you can pick assault rifles as your targeted loot. If you get what you’re looking for, you can change targeted loot to something else. I’ve been looking for a better holster for some time now, and after setting that as my targeted loot and climbing up 10 floors or so I had 11 new holsters to check out. None of them were better than what I had, which is the way with looter shooters, but it was still nice being able to farm specifically for them.

Screenshot: Ubisoft / KotakuScreenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

Targeted loot has existed in The Division before this update, with different areas of the main map having specific targeted loot that would change daily. But that meant you had to go play specific missions or events in one area to farm for kneepads or whatever you were looking for. With The Summit, you can now farm anything you want in this one, repeatable mode.

Other minor improvements to The Summit, including more floor variety and making some objectives easier to complete, also help to improve the overall experience. While I know some expert Division players will probably explain that actually, the drop rate for specific items is bad or that the new meta on certain floors is worse, in my experience The Summit is a much better mode now after this last update. I hope we see more content like this in future updates and expansions.

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