Untitled Goose Game Has Been Nominated For An ARIA Award

Untitled Goose Game Has Been Nominated For An ARIA Award
Image: Untitled Goose Game

Is there any sound sweeter than the honk of The Goose? No dear friends, there is not.

The Goose, and its composer Dan Golding, has been rightfully recognised as one of the pinnacles of Australian achievement at the country’s annual music awards. According to Kotaku Australia’s sister site Pedestrian, Golding and Untitled Goose Game were nominated as part of the “Best Original Soundtrack or Musical Theatre Cast Album” category.

Here’s a list of The Goose’s upcoming victims:

Best Original Soundtrack or Musical Theatre Cast Album

Chelsea Cullen – I Am Woman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Dan Golding – Untitled Goose Game (Original Soundtrack) Grigoryan Brothers – A Boy Called Sailboat Matteo Zingales & Antony Partos – Mystery Road (Original Score: Seasons 1-2) Sally Seltmann & Darren Seltmann – The Letdown (Music from Seasons 1+2)

Most of the coverage around the ARIA awards has, naturally, focused on traditional musical artists. Lime Cordiale’s 8 nominations have naturally been given their due. The 5 nominations for Anangu and Torrest Strait Islander singer Miiesha got a lot of praise, too.

But — as you’d expect for a video game site — I wanted to call out Goose Game for its remarkable achievement here. Everyone’s avian hero found a way to break into the mainstream consciousness in a manner that even hugely successful games didn’t really achieve. That’s certainly something to be proud of.

Honk honk, my feathered little friend. We’ll find out how well Golding and The Goose do on November 25, when the ARIA Awards kicks off at The Star in Sydney. It won’t have a live audience this year due to COVID, although there will still be a number of live performances. Fingers crossed for a bit of Debussy.


  • It’s not really a soundtrack in the traditional sense. It’s as much a technical achievement as a creative one, so it’ll be really interesting to see whether the judges are able to recognise it for that, given they’re probably all music folks

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