Watch A Man Teardown A PlayStation 5

Watch A Man Teardown A PlayStation 5
Screenshot: Sony

The PS5 is a big console. Wonder what’s inside? Sure, the specs give us a very good idea, but that’s not the same as watching someone take the machine apart.

In the seven-minute plus clip below, Yasuhiro Ootori of the company’s hardware design division gets out his screwdrivers and goes to work.

Sony has not yet added subtitles to the clip, but there are English descriptions of select parts of the console during the teardown.


  • Maybe its just because I had an annoying day but watching that was strangely relaxing. No need to oversell or have a big flashy commentary, just straight to the point. If only more youtube was like that, heh

    • Plus it’s fun to pretend he’s saying things like:

      “What the hell is this?!”
      “I’m sure it would be fine if I just pulled this part off carefu….damn, that’s broken”
      “I hope I’m not going to have to put this back together again”

  • Wow. Thanks go to Sony for saving me from the hell of youtubers doing teardowns. That was facinating, well presented, and most of that gave me a lot of confidence in the design. Though I was left with two questions.

    1st where do you get a flatblade like that one? Looks like you could flip pancakes with that thing.
    2nd and more importantly, my only real issue. So the system drive is soldered into the board? What’s it’s lifespan look like? Coz if it dies I’m guessing I’m up for an entire new board / whole console replacement. Or can I install and run from the user installed NVME if the onboard one is dead?

    • The screw for the stand looks like one designed so it can be tightened/loosened with a coin, so I doubt you’d need any extra tools.

  • I know its not the end of the world but why do you have to screw a stand to the console to use it in its upright position? That’s seriously just crap design. It looks like crap as well which is why I think it needs a screw stand.

    Like i said, not the end of the world, just stupid. It feels like someone trying to be creative for the sake of being creative

    • How on earth is it a bad design? Given the height, weight and cost of the unit would you really just leave it up to magic or the power of positive thinking to keep it standing? It is just a simple piece of reassuring (safety) redundancy.

        • Think about how much force would be on those clips if you rocked the console on its stand, and the consequences of the clips failing. It weighs about twice as much as a PS4, and the centre of gravity is going to be higher.

          In contrast the sides of the console aren’t load bearing, so clips are fine.

  • That is not Yasuhiro Ootori’s first rodeo, having one the PS4, and pretty sure PS3 teardown for Sony as well.

    He’s definitely developed a ‘watchmakers’ level of intrigue. Pretty damn well done IMO.

    As for the unit itself, I have concerns over the airpath (both internally, and that rear exhausting into entertainment units, eep), but overall not bad.

    (Also thank god for interchangeable side pieces)

  • First thing that caught my attention was how easy it was to remove the side panels. Thats going to make customisation of them pretty trivial.

    Second thing I saw was how relatively easy it was to access the fan. Again, making customising it pretty straightforward. Going to see some pretty funky combos with the fan and panels I think. It seemed like there was a security sticker or two to get to the fan covers single screw (mostly to get the plastic casing off), but it didnt seem particularly well covered so access might still be accessible without breaking security seals.

    I like seeing videos like this. Saw one with the Xbox 2020 (I’m totally lost on the naming, so 2020 it is for me) which showed how well the parts are tetrised into the case. It was a thing of technical beauty with the parts placement combining to make a cooling duct through the whole rig.

    That breakdown was real fun to watch, as was this one.

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