Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Watch Dogs: Legion In Australia

Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Watch Dogs: Legion In Australia
Image: Watch Dogs Legion / Ubisoft
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Watch Dogs: Legion launches October 29 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a next gen upgrade set for November. Originally, the game was set to launch earlier in 2020, but development delays and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic set the game back by several months. Strangely, we don’t know much about it yet, but we do know you can already grab some pre-order bargains for it in Australia.

The cheapest copies of Watch Dogs: Legion are once again at Amazon. It has the game for $69 with speedy, free delivery. Technically it is cheaper at MightyApe and Gorilla Gaming, which have the game for $67 but you will need to pay for postage on top of that cost, making Amazon slightly cheaper.

Most other places are stocking the game for around the $79 mark, but it’s not uncommon for stores like Harvey Norman to drop their prices on release. (Harvey Norman generally stocks games for about $68, but keep an eye on their website for a price drop.)

If you purchase the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, you’ll get a free upgrade to the next gen versions when they release on November 24. It’s a pretty solid deal!

Here’s the best of the rest deals for the game:

PC players only have limited options when it comes to Watch Dogs: Legion. You can either grab the game on the Ubisoft store for $89.95 or nab it on the Epic Game Store for the same price. There are some key resellers offering the game cheaper online, but be wary of these services, and always check their trust rating before you use them.

While Watch Dogs: Legion has largely slipped under the radar in recent months, it’s time to get hyped for the game all over again. With granny-hacking and Brexit-destroying aplenty, there’s a whole lot of reasons to get excited for the game.


  • Don’t forget UPlay+ for PC. You get the ultimate edition for I think $20 a month. Paired with Assassin’s Creed (ultimate edition also) a couple of weeks later, it’s a good deal!

    • I am thinking about getting that.

      but I have Origin Play Pro and barely used it nowadays
      however I did use it a lot when I was first subscribed.

    • Or you could use your uplay point things to take 20% off the pre-order cost.

      I’m waiting for my 3080 to ship (someday?) where it should come with a PC code. The deal may expire before I get the card though…

    • On top of that, you can pre-download/preload the game with Uplay+ also to play when it launches/unlocks.

      Just thought I’d add that as I know I’ve seen some questions elsewhere regarding that.

  • I’ll be getting mine on uplay+ i see no reason on pc to buy games when i can get a sub.. Finish it and move on.. Then resub for valhala and when done cancel.. Not one of those achivment hunters.. Lifes to short to brag about getting virtual coins or hats ????????????????

  • A tale of two Amazon deliveries:

    Cam orders on October 21, and receives his copy on October 27! IN HOBART!

    Marcus also Orders on October 21, Amazon promises to deliver on release day, but doesn’t receive a copy until October 30.

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