Watch Dogs Legion: Your Biggest Questions, Answered

Watch Dogs Legion: Your Biggest Questions, Answered
Image: Watch Dogs Legion / Ubisoft

Watch Dogs: Legion launches on October 29, just in time for Halloween. While delays induced by the coronavirus and development challenges pushed the game (and its hype) back, it’s still set for an epic release on current gen consoles this month. With appearances from faces new and old, Legion looks like an absolute blast with something for everyone.

Here’s everything you need to know about the game ahead of its launch.

What is Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs: Legion is the third game in the Watch Dogs franchise. This go around, the action is set in London, where you’ll be able to take on the role of any citizen in the game’s open world as you attempt to free the people from a dystopian government.

Rather than a single protagonist, the game will focus on using random characters to achieve your ends.

Is it a true Watch Dogs sequel?

Legion isn’t officially numbered, but is considered a true sequel to the original games with a story and gameplay that mirrors the first entries in the series. This time there’s a bunch of experimental new features like being able to digitally ‘body hop’ between characters (meaning there’s no central protagonist) and the ability to co-op the game.

Still, even with these spin-off features Legion should be considered a mainline entry in the Watch Dogs franchise.

How is Aiden Pearce back?

Image: Ubisoft

Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce is back (and playable) in Legion after having only a small role in the franchise’s second entryWhile many people disliked Pearce for his solemn addition and ‘cool dude’ ways, he’s returning in this sequel as a post-launch DLC character.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to the folks in the comments below for pointing out Pearce actually did have a cameo in Watch Dogs 2.

You’ll be able to play through the entire game as Pearce, who reportedly has an entire DLC chapter with Wrench (from Watch Dogs 2). We don’t currently know how he enters the story, or what part he’ll play in the overarching narrative.

The good news is, if you want another sombre tale featuring perpetual grump Aiden Pearce, you’re in luck.

Is Marcus Halloway returning?

So far, we’ve heard nothing about Watch Dogs 2‘s much sunnier protagonist, Marcus Halloway.

What we do know is there’s already plans to include further characters and DLC into the main game in 2021, with Halloway being a prime candidate for this DLC.

Stay tuned for more news on this front.

Will Watch Dogs: Legion have multiplayer?

Image: Watch Dogs Legion / Ubisoft

Yes! Beyond being a fun open world adventure, Legion will also contain an open world co-op multiplayer mode. This co-op mode launches later on December 3 and will allow players to enter a seperate open world optimised for multiplayer gameplay.

This multiplayer mode is separate from the main gameplay of Legion and will contain co-op missions as well as some crossover story elements with the main gameplay. The exact nature of co-op multiplayer is yet to be confirmed, so stay tuned for post-launch details.

When is Watch Dogs: Legion launching for PS5, Xbox Series X?

Watch Dogs: Legion is launching for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia on October 29.

The shiny next gen releases for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are confirmed, but currently undated. (These versions will contain next gen enhancements including better graphics, faster loading times and very pretty ray tracing).

Everyone who purchases a current gen version of the game will get an automatic upgrade so there’s no need to fork out extra for this release.

Got any other questions about Watch Dogs: Legion? Pop them in the comments below and we’ll try to answer them all.


    • One of the reasons I’ve switched back to PC gaming over consoles is the ease of modding games these days. I enjoy Ubi games but hate how they add grind to push people towards MTX. I use WeMod cheat engine now to get around this, it’s super handy. In WD2 for example the weapons and cars seemed super expensive and grindy. Bing, infinite money.

      I’m happy to pay for games but not to remove artificial grind walls to get to content.

  • I know details on the multiplayer element are scant right now but does anyone know if the hacking pvp game is returning?

  • Aiden was sort of in the second one, from a vague memory he was in a side quest. You had to free him from a gang who locked him up. He said something gruff and disappeared.

  • I just want to know how it looks on current Gen, don’t think i have seen any footage claiming to be on an Xbox one or PS4

  • Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce is back in Legion after skipping the franchise’s second entry. While many people disliked Pearce for his solemn addition and ‘cool dude’ ways, he’s returning in this sequel as a post-launch DLC character.

    Um…. what? He was in WD2. Not playable, but he DID show up in a side mission.

  • Is it going with a bit of a darkish tone or just flat out “humour/comedy”?

    Playing as a Granny seems cool, but also makes it seem a bit comical

    • I think it’s going for the darker/edgier tone since it plays of real life politics and brexit, but there’ll definitely be some humour in there, which can be nice.

  • How many of London’s locations can you enter? I love the idea of being a digital tourist.

    Also, are recruitable characters LGBTQ or all straight? I want to visit a gay bar or two in Soho.

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