What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Fun fact: Saturday in Norwegian is “laurdag”, derived from the word for “bath”. So you should probably have a bath this Saturday, and what’s a bath without a few bubbles?

The odds of me going this long without cramming Bubble Bobble, SCIENTIFICALLY the best game ever made into an article were always going to be slim, and it will no doubt feature in my weekend’s gaming plans, as will working my way through that stupidly large pile of PC Engine games I now find myself the owner of.

However, I totally accept that not everyone’s tastes will be quite so retro-inspired as mine — we can still be friends, right?

So what’s on your weekend gaming menu?

(*Australian consumer law obliges to point out that I may have bribed, cajoled or in some cases created fictional scientists to come to this conclusion. No, you can’t peer review it.)


  • Bubble Bobble is timeless……aaaaand now the theme is stuck in my head.

    I need to finish some of my back catalogue before my PS5 arrives, or play Spider-Man again before Miles Morales arrives, lets do that.

  • Probably some Genshin Impact and WoW because nothing matters any more and we are all owed a miserable and boring apocalypse! 😀

    Also because I’m officially old, I might as well follow the lead of one of my friends who has loaded up the original vampire: bloodlines, and just drown myself in nostalgia.

  • Mostly grinding AR in Genshin Impact (Because *everything* is locked behind it…) but also some Void Terrarium. (No I’m not going to even attempt the proper “spelling”)

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