Every Xbox One Compatible Game Will Run On The Xbox Series X & S

Every Xbox One Compatible Game Will Run On The Xbox Series X & S
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The full extent of the Xbox Series X and Series S’ backward compatibility has been revealed in a tweet by Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management at Xbox.

While the PlayStation 5 will focus solely on PlayStation 4 compatibility, the Xbox Series X/S will run all Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games currently playable on the Xbox One at launch. The only exception is games requiring the use of a Kinect camera to run.

So while you won’t be able to play your copy of Fable: The Journey, there’s still plenty of other (much better) options around.

If you have a dusty old copy of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell on Xbox, for example, you’ll be able to take it for a spin on next gen. You could even play through Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, if you really wanted. Not every Xbox and Xbox 360 game is backward compatible just yet, though. In fact, there’s plenty of notable omissions. You’ll have to consult this list to see if your favourite game makes the cut on Xbox Series X and Series S.

The Xbox team is actively working on bridging the backward compatibility gap between the Xbox Series X/S and past consoles so if your favourite game isn’t available yet, there’s still a chance it could make the leap to the next generation of consoles.

Ronald stated in his tweet all backward compatible games would ‘look and feel better’ on next gen, presumably referring to the faster loading speeds and enhanced graphics of the Xbox Series X and S (although exact details are still unclear).

It’s great news for everyone excited to upgrade to next gen without leaving the older generation behind. If you’re looking to trade your Xbox One console, you’re now safe in the knowledge all your games will run on the new console.

It’s also a vastly different approach than what you’ll find on the PlayStation 5, which is only compatible with ‘most’ PlayStation 4 games. (There are currently 10 PlayStation 4 games which won’t work on the PlayStation 5.)

For everyone purchasing an Xbox Series X or S this year, there’ll be plenty to play on the next console generation, regardless of new titles being delayed into next year.


  • such a strange launch for both consoles. Flashy new consoles with nothing new to play on them.

    It’s kinda shit really, and the reason I’m not purchasing both yet. Gimme a reason guys.

    • I’d argue you’re looking at it incorrectly. These consoles are probably the biggest power jump compared to any other generation. Most games are running at NATIVE 4K and 60 FPS on the series X (cant really comment on the ps5 yet) which is incredible for consoles. Not many, if any, current gen games do that. This is what probably makes you feel like its a waste, for the first time ever a new generation is more of a cross over than a clear break from the old generation. Its actually better this way, its more like a PC. When you get a PC you don’t get shiny brand new games, you get the current games but with a much much better experience. Your old PC might be able to play the same games at a worse quality but after a year or 2, like the PS4 and Xbox one, it will become obsolete.

    • Probably the first generation that’s more about the hardware than the games!

      I’m thinking of it more like a phone upgrade, computer upgrade, etc. Doesn’t do anything new, but does everything quicker and better.

      I for one am excited for that SSD built in, don’t get much game time so the less loading the better, all games and controllers backwards compatible makes the Series X a no brainer for me.

    • I’d actually agree with you (and not just cause our names have similar numbers) in that there’s an argument NOT to upgrade just yet if you are content with the current consoles.

      I’m going from a vanilla Xbox and launch Ps4 though and with the 4K TV I am planning on buying very very soon, I’m expecting to see a massive change. I’ve been at my mate’s house playing on his Xbox One X on the 4K and super excited to see the jump up.

      Each person’s opinion in this matter though is equally valid.

  • A question on this, most of my Xbox One games are already on HDDs, do you know if I’ll be able to plug and play these on the new consoles or have to reformat and re download?

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