Aussie Xbox Series X Customers Are Getting False Early Shipping Emails

Aussie Xbox Series X Customers Are Getting False Early Shipping Emails
Image: Microsoft Xbox Series S/X
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Some Aussies who pre-ordered an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S from the Microsoft Store have received surprise emails overnight indicating their pre-orders have early shipping, with a new delivery date of late October. Multiple reports of this email can be found on Twitter, with some users indicating they were charged the full amount for the console — a sign their consoles had already been shipped.

According to Twitter user @caesario_w, a Microsoft representative confirmed the legitimacy of the emails over chat and told him they’d been shipped out early to avoid coronavirus-induced delays. This conversation is currently unconfirmed.

Other users have reported being charged and receiving follow-up ‘track’ emails.

Users are reporting shipping dates anywhere between October 27 and October 29, a full two weeks before the console is set to officially launch. According to @GameLeaksRumors on Twitter, users in Japan are also reporting a similar delivery timeframe.

Image: Sheeds_au / Twitter

Despite these reports, the official @XboxANZ Twitter page has denied this early shipping, stating it was a system error which caused the email to be sent out. They reiterated the original November 10 date as the intended delivery for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, with further updates being provided by email.

In a subsequent tweet, Xbox ANZ further reiterated no Xbox consoles had actually been shipped out. As exciting as getting the next generation of consoles early would be, it appears we’ll all have to wait a little bit longer. With how quickly time is moving during the coronavirus era, you won’t have to wait long.

November 10 is so close, you can almost taste it.

Local representatives from Xbox confirmed to Kotaku Australia via email this was purely a system error, and no consoles would be shipping out early.

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  • Geez what is with all these email errors?!
    Would feel horrible to have the rug pulled out after a moving up the cue/early release email.

    Also I can’t help but chuckle that the response to the accidental email is to watch your emails for an update lol.

  • So they’ve sent emails advising 28th October, charged the monies – and the only thing they’ve CONFIRMED is that they haven’t shipped yet. Hmmm. Hoping there’s a few surprise deliveries next week!

    • Yes I was charged this morning (Saturday) and I got the shipping email (delivery 27 October) about midnight Thursday. The “error” is continuing or are MS not telling us something?

      • It’s quite possible that they are quietly doing an early rollout but it’s also possible they are getting the units out in to the supply chain early so that there’s no delay come release date.

        Coming from a logistics background, trying to ship something traditionally during the pandemic is just asking for trouble since the usual method of going from pickup to distribution to delivery is currently buggered in many areas so organising the pickup and distribution early is almost essential right now.

  • Sooo.. if a couple do receive their consoles early it means street date broken and shops can start offloading early? 😀

    I did find it funny though that they said to watch your email email for any updates.. lol

  • It’s not just Microsoft store, I went through Telstra all access and wasn’t quick enough, so ended up in wave 2 (mid December).

    Got an email around 2 weeks after placing the order to say congrats, console shipment on November 9th. Spent 24 hours being super happy only to receive an email saying.. oops.. we meant December 9th..

  • This has continued to unfold messily. People got sent a second email saying the first email was a mistake, and they will be shipped on the 10th, but that the money that has been charged is being held as a pre-authorisation. When contacted Microsoft Support has also told some people that the Series X will ship on the 9th, and others have been told the 10th. Now some people are also sharing that they have received a third email today telling them that their order will ship on the 30th of November.

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