Yes, The Xbox Series X Will Probably Fit In Your Ikea Entertainment Unit

Yes, The Xbox Series X Will Probably Fit In Your Ikea Entertainment Unit

One of the biggest mysteries around the next console generation is just how well will they fit in various cabinets. Are they larger than a bread bin? What is a bread bin? I’ve had an Xbox Series X to call my own for a couple of weeks now, and I love it. To help you work out where in your home it will fit, here is a helpful collection of comparison photos of the console next to various household objects.

An Ikea Besta Unit

To kick things off, here is the Xbox Series X horizontally in an Ikea Besta Unit. It’s pretty snug with the shelf on the 5th notch, and you’d need to remove the back panel and keep the door open so it didn’t overheat. This handily also compares it to the Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch.

Here it is vertically in a Besta unit. I wouldn’t recommend this configuration, because it doesn’t have enough clearance for the air to come comfortably out of the top, but it does fit.

An Xbox One X

This is an aerial shot comparing the size of the Xbox Series X with the Xbox One X. While it's undeniable that the Series X is big, it's not as giant as many people expected when the pictures of it were first released.

A Regular PS4

And this one with the standard PS4 really brings that home.

Side on you can see the Xbox Series X and standard PS4 are totally different shapes. That's why it's so hard to compare the Series X with existing consoles — it's a completely different design.

An External SSD

It's also cool to see just how much smaller the Seagate 1TB storage expansion card is than a 1TB WD_Black P50 Game Drive.

A Shoe

Funnily enough, the Xbox Series X is almost exactly the same height and depth as a US men's size 9 D Rose Series 6 shoe. I'm not sure what to do with this information. But I guess we all know it now.


Here it is next to a freshly baked, large loaf of bread. I do not have a bread bin.

A Toaster

It is much smaller than a two-slice toaster, which is a standard unit of measurement.

A Mario Kart

This is less a comment on the huge-ness of the Series X, and more on how tiny the Mario Kart Live Home Circuit kart is.

A Lego Modular Building

It's only slightly larger than the Lego Modular Bookshop.

A Medium Cactus

Much smaller than a medium-sized potted cactus, if you include the pot.

A Variety Of Houseplants

The very small cactus is trying to be as large as the Series X, but it is failing miserably.

I hope that helped. Is there anything you'd like to see the size of the Series X compared to?


  • I know I’m in the minority but I quite like the mini-lithic design of the series X. Would be nice to know if it’s possible to open it up more to increase the ventilation.

    • This is pretty much the shape it is. I’ve been keeping mine on an open bookshelf most of the time, and it’s barely gotten warm, though.

    • I absolutely love it. Better than whatever Sony have done with the PS5,while tripping on acid.

      It can just sit there, doing it’s thing, while not being an eyesore, while being about half as big as the PS5

    • The xbox is my 2nd preference on ecosystem, but my 1st preference in looks and design. The monolith might not be much to look at, but that’s what I like about it: it’s a wonderfully neutral black box that isn’t demanding attention. I want the thing to fade into the background, unnoticed, not be an ugly piece of eye-catching modern art.

      • Same here. I dont mind its minimalist look. At worst, its no worse than a speaker. Plus. as you say, it will effectively fade into the background. Thats not a bad thing.
        The PS5 I like for the opposite reason though – it IS different. I expect the PS5 will have a lot of customisability to it as well, neutralising the modern art feel of it if you want.
        Based on the breakdown from a week or so ago, the side panels appear trivial to take off and replace so SOMEONE will make and sell basic panels. It seems inevitable.
        End of the day though, they’re just going to get put in a spot, and effectively forgotten until the next generation. Just like every other console I’ve owned.

  • 10/10 – Glad to finally see the toastric system of measurement being adopted. Will come back for future size comparisons.

  • More importantly, how do you get that switch out to play handheld?
    PS5 is a fair bit taller from memory, look like standing up in that unit might not fit.

    • Normally that’s the shelf where my PS4 lives, so it’s kind of a “tilt to the right, scramble a little, don’t put it back in the cradle for a week” sort of deal. The entertainment unit will be getting a major overhaul once my PS5 and final retail unit of the Series X arrive…

      • Nice… I’m sure your won’t be the only entertainment unit on the curb come mid November.
        Ikea need to start marketing which units are next-gen ready. 🙂

  • An article that goes above and beyond. I now know the true to life dimensions of the console. If I ever need to place the console next to the bread and toaster I now know it will fit. If I need the console to blend into the greenery I now have some perspective.
    This article needs to be nominated for an award. It is based in real time, true to life and is unflinching, hard hitting journalism that just isn’t scared to go there; to reveal the truth. I love this article…… Well Done……697. (you made me sign up just to say this).

    • Update…..
      Upon checking my shoe size I most likely wont try and fit it in my shoe. Good tip…thanks..
      Smart move referring to Ikea…You have saved me hours using the augmented reality app of theirs to try and see where the console is going to fit….again, this article needs to be awarded. It has saved me time, money on not having to buy a new cabinet and a lot of stress. Thanks for the greatness that is your article….697.

      • Final Update…..

        I have decided, thanks to your investigative efforts, to place the console with the plants. I have reasoned since the top should allegedly glow green, it should perfectly blend in and be mistaken for a plant. People will be amazed thinking “how is he playing xbox games and he doesn’t even have an xbox?”.
        Now I just have to go and get some cacti.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed. I’m up for a part 2. Series X vs Wild. I’d love to see it in various outdoor locations. And also measured up against some different size bottles, alcoholic & non alcoholic varieties.

  • So wait… you got a Series X to try out… and instead of testing out games, load times, Smart Delivery, the expansion card and the heat, you just used it to measure household objects…

    • You got it one s2k.
      Hey maybe you should rename your handle to “sydney1k”.
      C’mon, get into the spirit of the article,(reading the headline is a great start). Every other “jurno” is reporting tests like the ones you mention, go read them.
      Bridges are built to get over, not live under.

      • Yeaich…there’s no edit… meant to say…….
        You got it in one s2k.
        Hey maybe you should rename your handle to “sydney1k”.
        C’mon, get into the spirit of the article,(reading the headline is a great start). Every other “jurno” is reporting tests like the ones you mention, go read them.
        Bridges are built to get over, not live under.
        Sorry, my mistake…..

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