There’s A Ton Of Great Gaming Mice Deals Right Now

There’s A Ton Of Great Gaming Mice Deals Right Now
Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)
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The Black Friday shenanigans have begun, which means its a good time to upgrade some of your gaming gear without paying full price. There are some particularly good deals on gaming mice might now, and as someone who spends way too much time trying (and failing) to click heads, here’s some solid recommendations on the best bargains out there.

Razer Deathadder Essential

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The Deathadder Essential is one of the most classic gaming mice ever produced, and with good reason. It’s a tried-and-tested shape with a chassis design that has genuinely lasted the ages.

There are people who have used Deathadder mice for over a decade because it is, functionally for them, just about perfect. So if you need an updated version, the black Deathadder Essential is going for $45.76 today. You can also get the flashier Mercury White version for $59.89 if that’s more your style. I’ve always preferred all-black, but the hardware inside is the same either way.

HK Gaming Mira

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I’ve been using one of these mice for a while, having taken a bit of a gamble on a cheap price I saw on Amazon. HK Gaming is a brand from Hong Kong, one that traditionally focuses on selling enthusiast keyboards.

Their mice, however, are pretty damn good. The Mira-M is basically a wired, lighter take on Logitech’s G Pro Wireless, with a slight hump at the back and relatively light clicks. And unlike the vast majority of “lightweight gaming” mice, the Mira-M is actually really well priced in Australia. The PMW3360 sensor has been tried in tested by every major gaming brand by this point, and the Omron switches also make for some relatively light clicks that still have that satisfying, tactile sound.

You can get multiple versions of the Mira-S — that’s the smaller size — for about $60 Australian. And not in bog-standard black either: there’s lavender, rose quartz, this shiny metallic blue, a bright orange, and more. The Mira-M will cost you a little bit more, but at 63g it’s still a super light mouse, and comes in a ton of great colours. The bright yellow version here is $64.99 with free delivery, but if you want the smaller-size Mira-S, the lavender version is $59.99.

Logitech G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse

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A Logitech wireless gaming mouse with a good sensor — but you don’t have to pay over $100 for it. This version doesn’t have the internal rechargeable battery like the G Pro Wireless series does, but it’s a very good mouse for a very good price at $67.74. Just make sure you pick the West European Version and not the East European Version.

Coolermaster MM710 Lightweight Gaming Mouse

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Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)

Still one of the best value mice on the market and much, much sturdier than its perforated chassis might have you believe. It’s best suited for smaller hands, but at $57 you’re getting one of the best all-around mice. Great shape, very light, and no RGB bullshit. If you want to know a bit more, and see what the Coolermaster supplied software is like, you can read my full review here.

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Want a wireless mouse with a comfy palm rest, and loathe the idea of tiny shells that will cramp your hand? The Razer Basilisk X is a good fit, and at $88 it’s also supremely good value. Up to 285 hours battery on wireless or 450 via Bluetooth? Solid.

Razer Viper Mini

Razer’s baby, affordable mice is still a great pick — especially for families if you’ve got a kid or two and you want something on the smaller side that’s a better fit for their smaller hands. The Viper Mini’s sensor holds up well, despite being slightly downgraded from the larger wired Viper, and the cable is genuinely outstanding.

You can grab the Viper Mini for $63.40 today. It’ll arrive well before Christmas, making for a neat little gaming gift.


ROCCAT’s mice don’t get a huge amount of love, but they’re well-made, affordable offerings if you don’t want to pay the premium of brands like Razer, Logitech and others. The Kain 102 AIMO is a solid ambidextrous mouse that’s available for $47, which is a decent deal if you want a functional mouse with a good shape and a bit of RGB on the side.

If you like the ROCCAT shape, the Burst Pro is also going for a good price at $84.67. It does the whole “lightweight” trend as well, but without actually exposing the chassis the way so many other mice do.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech’s Super Light Wireless Mouse Just Got A Huge Discount

Still one of the best mice — wired or wireless — with an incredible chassis design, balance of weight, and customisation. It’s an older model now, with Logitech announcing a newer, lighter version this week. But that costs $279.95 in Australia and won’t arrive until 2021. For most people, the G Pro Wireless is still fantastic, and at $162 it’s a much more justifiable price too.

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