Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Is 40GB Bigger On Next-Gen Consoles

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Is 40GB Bigger On Next-Gen Consoles
Screenshot: Activision

Call of Duty games are routinely some of the biggest you can download on console, and this year’s Black Ops: Cold War is continuing that trend, especially on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Today, Activision revealed how much space you’ll need on each console’s hard drive to pre-load the game:

PlayStation 4: 95GB

PlayStation 5: 133GB

Xbox One: 93GB

Xbox Series X|S: 136GB

That’s a lot, especially on next-gen consoles. At approximately 40GB more on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, the difference is nearly as much as the entirety of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which was previously revealed to weigh in at 50GB.

Fortunately, there are some options to try to limit the damage. “Console players can choose to uninstall specific game mode packs, such as for Campaign or Zombies, in order to reduce the game’s overall file size,” Activision wrote.

On PC, players have even more options, being able to forgo everything but multiplayer for an install of only 35GB, or ditch ultra graphics for just 82GB total. (The game’s official PC specs, however, recommend keeping a whopping 250GB free if you want to download all of the bells and whistles).

And this is to say nothing of how big the game may eventually get. When Call of Duty Modern Warfare launched on PS4 it was only 60GB. It’s now much, much more than that.


  • You know what. In this new generation (until they come out with a reasonably priced PS5 compatible external SSD), game size is seriously going to become a main contributable factor in my purchasing decisions. I will look at a game’s pros and cons, and size will be up there as a major con.
    COD Modern Warfare on my PS4 was a nightmare. it went up to nearly 150GB, it was forever forcing large GB updates, and I eventually just thought screw it and uninstalled it.
    I would probably buy Cold War but because of the size I will hold off. I don’t want my next year’s gaming on PS5 hampered by one gaming taking up half my SSD.

  • That’s is literally a game size that will affect purchasing decision. Do I buy COD or 2-3 other games I can fit on my limited HD.

  • I know why game sizes are huge (essentially serialising data access to help out previous gen HDD’s), buuuuuuut.

    Stop being lazy Activision, you could provide a traditional package for the older consoles and a newer package for PC/Next Gen.

  • Maybe seagate should start promos buy our series X expansion card and fed COD for free.

    Who am I kidding with games this size they won’t need any help selling them

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